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messaging the wrong customer at the wrong time. Conversely, some campaigns have no target audience at all. Brands that don’t have a clear understanding of their audience and purpose are less likely to target meaningfully. An investigation into a new partner revealed that it ran a campaign that served ads to more than 240 million people without a clear target audience. Other brands were running campaigns targeting small audiences that would not meet their campaign target goals. Striking a balance between strategic targeting and audience size is a crucial skill brands need to master to optimize the reach and ROI of their social campaigns. Content production and delivery Producing relevant and engaging content can be a high

hurdle. For example, an outdoor cookware

maker posted a social ad featuring food instead of the actual product video. Food can be an attractive image, especially for people like Pinterest users. But it d Payroll Directors Email Lists oesn’t do much to build a brand identity for potential customers or build a product portfolio. Social video content is often compelling and an effective driver for sales and engagement. Despite this, some video content is produced in lower or even lower quality. In 2019, Facebook’s accessible inventory has dwindled, but video performance has exploded. There are ways to develop high-quality content while keeping production costs down. Consider a free creative services platform that produces great content, or minimize the length of

videos that are expensive to produce

Payroll Directors Email Lists

The total number of global social platform users will exceed 3.09 billion by 2021. And with an average daily usage time of 136 minutes in 2018, strategic social investments will determine advertising success. Brands will continue to miss key opportunities if they don’t look beyond the latest trends and technologies that will drive future social success. Always target with purpose, define your audience strategically, and develop impactful content rather than which platform will be next. *This article is a translation and supplement of the article published on December 19th by the US media “

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