My 7 Principles That I Apply in Each Blog Project

It’s been 8 years since I’ve been in the world of blogs. In this time I have set up more than 20 blogs, most of which have been in German. 80% have not survived my experiments to go faster than allowed. Although I have had to find out many of the blogs that I have started, it has helped me to learn my lessons.

Over time I have been learning and understanding better and better what is required to have a blog that is read. It is not about discoveries never seen before because the vast majority are based on common sense that sometimes it is difficult for us (myself included) to apply. I have touched on different aspects previously on the blog. In this post you will find 7 principles that I apply in each new blog that I launch.

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1 1. Update your blog 50% more than other bloggers in your niche
2 2. Focus on text format content on your blog
3 3. Create spectacular headlines but don’t go overboard
4 4. A post is not written, it is designed
5 5. Don’t get obsessed with visits and focus on attracting readers
6 6. If you want third parties to promote you, do the first step
7 7. A blog is not monetized, it is valued

1. Update Your Blog 50% More Than Other Bloggers in Your Niche

I am not telling you anything new when I tell Pakistan B2B List you that a blog requires constant updating. At the end of 2011 I have made the decision that this blog would be updated every day. To find the ideal number of entries for your own blog you have to analyze your context. A basic rule of thumb is to post 50% more than others to stand out over time within your niche.

How Many Posts Do You Have to Write Per Month When Starting a Blog?

2. Focus on text format content on your blog
A blog can be nourished by different types of content. You can publish videos, podcasts, presentations, photos, infographics, etc… The type of content that has the lowest production cost is text. In the end, the best way to increase the chances of appearing in the search engine results in the medium and long term is with the creation of new pages that contain a minimum of 400 words.

How Many Words Does a Blog Article Have?

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Pakistan Business Email List

3. Create spectacular headlines but don’t go overboard
There is a lot of content in the depths of the blogosphere that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. One of the main causes is the lack of a title that is capable of capturing the user’s attention. You compete with millions of contents every day. The decision to click on a search result, a Twitter tweet or a Facebook update is based on the title. Don’t go overboard in your attempt to create catchy headlines. In Spain we have a culture where we do not trust very much those people who want to draw a lot of attention. In order not to fall into the category of “hustlers” you have to find a balance, also varying with some more neutral ones once the user has landed on your blog.

The anatomy of the perfect title

4. A post is not written, it is designed
The content is important but if you do not take into account the rules of reading on the Internet it is useless. Blogs are not read but scanned, therefore posts are not written but designed. I always start my articles with the title. Until I have a version that I like I don’t start writing. Then I divide the entry into 2 or 3 parts with the help of subtitles. These 3 lines already have to be enough to convey the main ideas of the content. If through the first vertical reading you create an initial interest, you have the opportunity that the reader stays longer to get the details that have led you to the main conclusions.

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