Bingeable Content Henan Mobile Phone Number List How to Move Buyers Faster Through Your Sales Cycle

It’s not that you or I ever do – sink into the couch, put our feet up, click on the TV and gorge us on a full season of, oh, let’s say, Americans. Netflix has mastered the art of tricking us — I mean, tricking people — into gorging on its streaming content.

Nick Edouard, co-founder and president of LookBookHQ, suggests that we marketers do like Netflix and entice potential customers with content they can binge on. He made this point at the Intelligent Content Conference in his keynote Never Waste Another Click: How Intelligent Content Experiences Can Accelerate the Buyer’s Journey.

What does Nick mean by “never lose another click”? He means, stop pouring all your energy into getting people to click on unique (“dead end”) content resources. Instead, focus on keeping people engaged — even hooked — after they click.

Why? Because your best prospects will move more than twice as fast through your sales funnel – and are more than twice as likely to buy – when you reward their hard-earned clicks with “bingeable” content, based on what Nick saw with his clients.

All images in this article are from Nick’s

ICC slides, and all quotes, unless Henan Mobile Phone Number List otherwise stated, are from his speech.

Typical Marketing Approach: Single-Asset Content Offerings
Marketers are good at creating “one and done” content – ​​or, as Nick puts it, “one and silly.” We create an offer that suspends a single piece of content (whitepaper, presentation, etc.) in the hope that people click on our offer and give us their contact information. Conversion! Aim! We deliver the content asset. That’s it.


This approach has several weaknesses:

Henan Mobile Phone Number List
Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Content is often a dead end asset. Where does someone go after conversion?
The content is the same for each person who clicks. Nothing about this experience is personalized.
Engagement with content can’t be measured – you don’t know if prospects have even looked at it.
While “one-and-dumb” content can get the contact information you want to start a lead prospecting process, it wastes the greatest opportunity to give your leads – and your business – more rewards by click.
Additionally, B2B leads rarely translate into sales. “The average end-to-end conversion rate (from initial lead to closed deal) for B2B marketers is 0.75%,” Forrester analyst Lori Wizdo says in her 2012 report.

“If we don’t know people Henan Mobile Phone Number List are interested in the content when we hand it to the reps,” says Nick, “the reps aren’t able to have an intelligent conversation with them.”


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