Monetization or Otherwise The Very First Thing I Do

guidelines” Keyword + “submit an article” Keyword + “guest author” Keyword + “Guidelines to contributors” Allintitle: keyword + “Guest Blogging Guidelines” Allintitle: keyword + “Guest Post Guidelines” Allintitle: keyword + “write for us” These search queries can lead to the right destination where you can grab your guest posting opportunities. Either you will be taken to the target blog’s guest post submission page or to the guidelines page for guest posts or posts by other guest authors. Google search query #2 Popular Guest Bloggers If you’re active in the blogosphere and often read other blogs, you might know a few popular

names in the industry. You might see

these names over and over while contributing articles to other blogs. You can use a Google search, the name of the popular guest blogger + “Guest post by”. For example, Leo Widrich + “guest post by”. You will get to know the places where he has contributed so far. These R&D Directors Email Lists are the proper blogs that you are supposed to create. search by guest blogger names Above all, being a friend of such a popular blogger (if any), you can ask for an introduction from the owners of the blogs wherever they have submitted content. #3 Author Biography Similar to searching using the image URL, you can also copy

a random phrase from the author

R&D Directors Email Lists

bio of any guest blogger. Search it in Google with a quote. Probably, you will get results which are where the guest author has contributed guest posts with the same text in the author bio. Here is your list of hidden guest blogging opportunities. It only helps if the guest bloggers practice the same text in the author bio section. #4 Image Search Even Google can help you in many ways. Therefore, it is dominant. Use Google Image Search to retrieve all mentions of the webmaster online. It’s cool to do. Copy the image URL of any specific guest author in your niche. Google Image Search URL Go to

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