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Really Happened Echt Gebeurd is a podcast Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number with, you don’t expect, really happened stories.  The short episodes are Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number easy to listen to.  You don’t talk about money Contrary to what the title suggests (or not). Aaf Brandt Corstius and Vincent Kouters talk about money in an accessible way in this podcast. Themes that come up are saving, saving, investing and retirement. Vincent talks about his goal Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number of not becoming a millionaire.

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Invest for the first time and she will keep Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number listeners and Vincent inform. Bob Bob the podcast was releas way back in 2017. I discover it myself only recently and I was blowe away in the first Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number seconds. In six compelling episodes, Mirke, Nele and Siona go in search of the truth about ‘Bob’. The old childhood sweetheart that the fragile and demented 84-year-old Elisa can’t stop talking about. Hopefully this will help you through the summer. Is your favorite podcast not list? Do share Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number  it in a comment below! News fatigue, the news in accessible language and more paid subscriptions. These are the trends in online news use in the Netherlands that are discuss in the annual Digital News Report.

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

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The increase in news avoidance is visible among Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number all age groups. Of the 25 to 34 year olds, 48% often or sometimes avoids the news, of the 55+ this is 31%. Why? One thing is certain, the news avoider does not exist and so the reasons Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number vary: I mentioned the excess of corona news and political news earlier. It is an important reason for all age groups. Younger age groups also find that news negatively impacts their mood. They also indicate that they prefer to avoid discussions that can arise due to the news(!) and Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number they think that they do not miss much.  The news is unreliable, as some of the news avoiders also indicate: 16%. This is 10% of the Dutch population.


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