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I’m not a big fan of “traditional” marketing plans. If it is not done well, they are documents with a lot of information but little valuable content that has been prepared in large part by interns who do not know the company in depth. Obviously there are companies that know how to do things well and have understood that the main objective of the task is to have an idea of ​​the path and not start running aimlessly. Instead of investing weeks in its elaboration, it is enough to create an “express” version of the online marketing plan, maintaining enough flexibility when things do not go as planned.

Paid and Free Channels for Your Online Marketing Plan

Although not all channels require Mali B2B List an investment, they do generate a cost. Your time is worth money so you have to make a wise decision when investing it.

Platforms and payment channels that generate short-term effects : All advertising platforms that allow you to run campaigns fall into this category. It does not always have to be Google Adwords since there are alternatives that can be more useful depending on your product and your competition .
Channels and activities that generate effects in the medium and long term : there are basic tasks that you can carry out through some online marketing channels at no cost . Especially social networks and content marketing do not require an immediate investment. The results do not appear in the short term, so if you want to sell, they will no longer serve you for this purpose.
Given that there are a large number of platforms and social networks, there is a danger of duplicating work without having the same impact on results. It is better to take the time to do a preliminary analysis, taking into account your own resources and capabilities to increase the probability of success once you have chosen the right channel.

 the right online marketing channels?

Mali Business Email List
Mali Business Email List

Within an online marketing plan, the channels to execute the strategy are an essential element to meet the objectives that one sets. It is not always so easy and obvious to know how to choose those that best suit the company’s situation.

1. Budget – One of the biggest constraints can be your budget. It is all very well to carry out low-cost guerrilla marketing actions, but everything has its limits. In the end, investment in advertising is profitable if things are done well and allow those companies that have a good offer to grow.

2. Affinity of the target audience : Social networks like Pinterest have a large percentage of users who are women. In Spain this platform is still a bet because compared to Twitter or Facebook it has much fewer users. If you dare to take the step given that your product is designed for a female target audience, perhaps in a year you will look back knowing that you have made the right decision.

3. Experience : it will also depend on the knowledge and experience that exists within your organization on the use of one channel or another.

4. Type of client : it is not the same to sell to an end user or to have a type of client that is a company. In the latter case, LinkedIn may be a valid channel. It is a platform that allows you to act in a more commercial way, although here too you have to add value in a first step so that they pay attention to you.

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