How to Reach Marketing Multiplier Points

Everyone talks about scalable businesses. You create a web page, you implement a service that can be contracted online, you integrate a payment gateway and the income begins to grow with each new user that registers.

The commercial team has the role of ensuring survival when business scalability is lacking
It is not so easy with this type of operation to reach a level of sales that allows the company to be self-sufficient. Consequently, most start-ups hire sales representatives to add income in a timely manner that they have to ensure the survival of the companies. Several problems arise from this:

Lack of Customer and Profitability Analysis :

Wasting time with customers who bring little New Caledonia B2B List profitability to the business. Commercials in general do not have enough experience to rule out potential deals in time that are not going to get anywhere.
Low effectiveness and efficiency in sales : complete lack of scalability due to “attacking” customers one by one. The business process is usually defined initially but is not re-analyzed afterwards to improve effectiveness.
Creation of a database from scratch : few start-ups are capable of making a contact database available to their salespeople. Consequently, the initial work consists of identifying the companies and the data of potential clients.
The organizations and people that allow you to reach multiple customers at once
Multipliers play a critical role in getting contacts from a multitude of potential customers for your business. It is not always an easy task to reach them, but in many cases it is worth the effort.

1. Work with associations : the main objective of associations is to add value to their members who instead pay a fee to be part of a club. Reaching an agreement with these types of organizations is very powerful. One way of collaborating with them is to provide specific training for members.

2. Participate or Organize Training :

New Caledonia Business Email List
New Caledonia Business Email List

The subject of training is not only suitable for associations. Organizing paid courses can be a good filter to reach those clients who are willing to make short-term investments. The seminars serve to create notoriety and position themselves as a reference in a sector.

3. Collaborate with local heroes : I have realized that for each region there are “local heroes”. They are people who collaborate strongly with business organizations. Thanks to these and other activities, they have been able to create a powerful network of collaborators. Working with them opens many doors for you.

4. Find partners with powerful contacts : in the business world you have to be very careful when someone tells you that they can help you because they have very good contacts. In most cases these are of inferior quality and/or never generate any sales. The profile you are looking for are people who have held high positions in important companies. The average age is 50 years because creating a network of people requires many years of experience in a sector.

5. Relate to top bloggers in the sector : the top bloggers in your sector can reach a part of the audience that you are interested in having as clients. He or she already has the confidence that you still lack to sell. It is not enough to send a press release. It can even be very counterproductive. To relate at first you have to give more than you receive. What is sown is harvested in the medium and long term.

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