Managing a Silent Reputation Crisis: Case Study Webery Day Social Media

The first time they put you in labor, you have a hard time. Very badly. This was in the beginning of Coguan. You want everyone to like you. It takes a little time before you realize that this is not possible. One thing is not to fit in with everyone and another is to “fuck it up”. In these situations you want to hide to avoid face slapping. It is probably one of the worst options you have at your disposal. A reputational problem or crisis can arise in different ways.

The 2 Types of Image Reputation That I Have Experienced First-hand

When you hear a reputation crisis, you think Belize B2B List you associate it with someone or something messing things up. They are the best known cases because we can experience them both as affected in the first person or as a neutral person who simply finds out about the events.

The Noisy Reputation Crisis : Someone has “screwed up” for one part and typically a group of people report it. The case of Pablo Herreros against Telecinco or the other way around would fall into this category. Even if you’re not in one or the other you find out because it generates debate and everyone talks about it. It’s noisy.
The Silent Reputation Crisis – This type of reputation crisis is much more dangerous than the first. In this case, you don’t even know. No one is complaining so things seem to be going well. If you don’t act, you run the risk of slowly dying because things are getting worse and worse for you without you realizing it. Negative viral marketing emerges and spreads from one person to another without too much noise.

How to Manage and Detect a Silent Online Reputation Crisis

Belize B2B List
Belize B2B List

Detecting a reputation crisis is possibly the most complicated. If you don’t act like an ostrich sticking your head in the sand, you should know when things are going wrong. Just ask yourself a question in case you have doubts. What will the customer think? If you start to have a bad feeling, you can be almost sure that you just “screwed up” but nobody tells you.

1. Communicate and explain : just today I published a post on the Webery Day blog where we explain from the organizers side the case of a recent blunder. If you are interested in what happened, I recommend you read the post. In the article I briefly explain what happened in order to smooth over the situation by being fully transparent and prevent it from becoming a noisy issue.

2. Be proactive : the same Friday we realized there were half a dozen people who had paid a price that was the same as the price shown on the ticket sales form (if you have read the post you understand how it happened). After everything calmed down we sent an email offering a change reserving a cheaper ticket and making the return of the more expensive one. We don’t expect someone to complain.

3. Try to Compensate :

Since price is an essential element of Webery Day, it is a “sacred” element that cannot be touched without changing the whole concept. An idea that emerged was to find an educational partner to issue a certificate of attendance to add value to the training. We were lucky to be able to count on the help of Jose Carlos Soto from NTIC Master who was immediately receptive to the subject.

We detected that we had a silent reputation issue. No one had told us clearly to our face, but it was enough to see the events to know that things had not gone as planned. In the end we did the right thing. Our intuition was correct and we received positive feedback about communicating and admitting our mistake.

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