How to Launch and Manage a Second Blog

Whenever I go out for a run, new ideas come to mind. There are people who meditate to clear their minds and finally empty their heads of thoughts that do not stop and generate noise. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . I get that like today by running up a mountain until I feel totally exhausted.

It was one of those days not so long ago that it crossed my mind to launch a new online marketing blog in German. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . It is not really such a new topic because I have been thinking about it for a long time but until now I had rigorously ruled it out. Now I am not so clear.

Problems and Disadvantages of Running Several Blogs

Until now I have not considered it because I am aware that there are several disadvantages to doing it. It is not easy to have a blog so imagine what it means to have two.

Lack of focus – A blog is an internet project and shares many features that an online business also has. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . It makes no sense to launch several online stores at the same time because the same logic applies to web pages.
Launching the second one too early : One of the typical problems in this context is starting a second blog when the first one hasn’t taken off yet. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . You can have several projects at the same time but each one requires intensive attention during the initial phase.
A blog ends up dying : it is not strange that after a while one of the launched projects ends up dying. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . You always have one that you like a little more because of the theme or because it is having more success. Think twice before you risk wasting time with a second blog.

Possible Solutions to Launch a Second Successful Blog

I came up with several ideas on how to solve the issue of having a second blog and position it as a reference within its niche. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . Especially in my case it would be quite a challenge given that in this matter in Germany there is even more competition than in the Spanish-speaking world.

1. Not starting from scratch : a blog has to mature. If you start with a new domain and the time factor prevents you from going faster than allowed. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . One option would be to buy a domain that already has some age and links. They are projects where the owner decides not to go ahead and does not renew the registration of the page.

2. Buy An Existing Blog

Jordan WhatsApp Number List
Jordan WhatsApp Number List

This option also goes online from the first point. In this case the blog is already created and has published content. What you do is get on with the job. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . Actually the online marketing blog would not be my second blog but the fourth. Number 3 and 4 I do not manage them but I have help from someone who helps me with the issue.

3. Collaborative blog – Many perceive a blog as a solo project. It does not have to be this way. It can be done perfectly in collaboration with one or more people. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . The great advantage is that the most important resource for content creation is multiplied: the time factor. Motivation is another key factor that can be higher if the work is done in a group of 2-3 or more people.

4. Do not distance yourself thematically to create synergies : there are always exceptions, but few people have several passions that live with the same intensity. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . There are always preferences. If thematically you don’t stray too far from your main passion, you have more possibilities of creating synergies than if it is about 2 completely different blogs.

5. Outsource content creation : in my case I am evaluating the option of translating the content of this blog into German. It is a way of outsourcing the work of content creation. It’s not ideal. An essential ingredient of every blog is the personality of the blogger. Jordan WhatsApp Number List . From the moment you outsource content creation, you lose it. Investing from the first day in a blog in this way makes sense if the first allows you to finance it.

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