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Admittedly, in 2011 I was very blue. If you Japan Phone Number wanted to put me under the table, it didn’t cost you much then. Discount? Before a prospect spoke the word, I already halved the price. But even then I knew that a text cannot be sold per word. An hourly rate When I started as a copywriter in 2011, I stuttered Japan Phone Number when a potential client asked for my hourly rate. Years later I find the question: ‘what is your hourly rate?’ still difficult. Only now I struggle with that question because communicating an hourly rate means very little and (for me) does not work. How so? Some Japan Phone Number copywriters write faster than others. Some copywriters are more expensive than others.

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A calculation: Copywriter A takes 4 hours to Japan Phone Number write the text and charges €60 per hour. Copywriter B takes 3 hours to write the text and charges €75 per hour. If math isn’t your forte either: pleasant. My calculator Japan Phone Number shows that copywriter A’s invoice contains an amount of € 240. Copywriter B charges a total of € 225. At the bottom of the line, the client is therefore more expensive with the ‘cheap’ copywriter A. And I haven’t even mentioned the quality that someone Japan Phone Number delivers. Because isn’t that what it’s about? The price in relation to the quality delivered? Regardless of how long a copywriter takes, or what the copywriter charges per hour?

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Research among the members of  Japan Phone Number Tekstnet indicates that the costs of a copywriter or copywriter in 2022 will be between € 74 and € 96. The client (often) pays for time in which the copywriter is not Japan Phone Number productive. Suppose I have been given an assignment based on that hourly rate. The clock is ticking. I’m totally in the flow. My fingers race across the keyboard. Until the doorbell rings and a slick salesman tries to sell me solar panels. 5 minutes later I plopped Japan Phone Number on my desk chair, irritated. Road flow. It takes (too) long before I get back into that flow. That time I’m really not worth my rate.

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