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At least, I always find it a hassle to zoom in Iran Phone Number slightly with my index finger and thumb and then press the home button and lock button at the same time. That often goes wrong. Tapping on the back of your iPhone solves this problem. It only works from iPhone 8 and above. How do you set this up? Settings Accessibility Touch Tap back It’s that Iran Phone Number simple! You can then set an action for ‘Double tap’ and for ‘Triple tap’. Action other than ‘take a screenshot’ is therefore also possible. 6. Ctrl C + Ctrl V in combination with clipboard A tip from my colleague Linda. You can have an automatic ‘list’ of your Clipboard history on your Windows computer. Linda: “I’m still a huge fan of the memory of Ctrl C + Ctrl V.

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In Windows, you can enable this in the Iran Phone Number clipboard settings. That way you can copy multiple items separately. If you then type the Windows logo + V, you can choose what you want to paste.” A screenshot of the clipboard tool. At first I didn’t think this tip sounded very interesting. But now that I’ve turned it on, I’m excited! In Iran Phone Number addition to texts, the Clipboard also stores URLs and screenshots. Do you have a Mac? Then the free app CopyClip is similar. 7. Ctrl + Shift + V: Paste without formatting As a shortcode fan, I often use Ctrl + Shift + V.

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Where Ctrl + V is ‘paste’, the Shift will remove the formatting before you paste. This is useful, for example, if you want to copy and paste a piece of  Iran Phone Number text from Slack to an email. If you just paste this text with Ctrl + V, you automatically paste the gray background and the font from Slack. With Ctrl + Shift + V you paste purely and only the text. video player 00:02 00:02 By the way, if you missed last year’s shortcode tip: Shift + Ctrl + T is a lifesaver. If you accidentally closed a tab in your browser, you can bring it back with this shortcode. Do you Iran Phone Number have a Mac? Then use Command + Shift + T. 8. Connect everything with IFTTT With the IFTTT app you can connect different apps, programs and functionalities. IFTTT stands for ‘if this, then that’. So: if ‘something’ happens, another event automatically follows.

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