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We focused on the things which are the easiest to execute and probably have the biggest impact in a short period of time. This left us with. Giveaway (to Netherlands Phone Number List build our email list) Influencer outreach (to get attention on social media) Instagram comments Netherlands Phone Number List (to get attention on Instagram). We made this decision based on our previous ecommerce experience with free Netherlands Phone Number List marketing tactics. Paid marketing is, in our opinion, only great to grow/scale a business. As we’re far away from thinking about growth, we’re sticking to free marketing for now.

From Your Custom Website

Difficult thing about marketing Netherlands Phone Number List our product is that we can’t actually show what we sell. We still only have the pictures from the blank backpacks, no customization at all. Having those time limitations to work on HYKE, I couldn’t even see a date when I had time to do proper test painting and photo shooting. That said, I made a clear decision: we don’t customize the products (yet). We will start by selling simple, but still great looking products. The customization will come later. Period. Because of that decision, I had to make some minor changes on the website.

Netherlands Phone Number List

Were certain words all over the website which contained the word “custom. And “individuality”. As the products USP  now changed, those words had to be removed/replaced. I tried to create an un-fancy Shopify store which represents an elegant and simple style. Screenshot showing HYKE website As you can see on the image above, I didn’t just change the wording. I also added a new product: a snapback. I added the snapback for two reasons: Low-barrier entry (to get people hooked with the brand for a lower price) Cross-sell product

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