Luo Zhuoyao finally won the Golden Horse Best Director, and she is a character we often

In the movie, Maggie Cheung, who was mentally ill after immigrating to the United States, stabbed her husband Leung Ka Fai to death on the streets of New York, with blood stained on the snow-white statue of the Goddess of Democracy… Outside the movie, my classmates and friends immigrated one by one, and I went there later. Study in Canada and experience the situation in the popular immigration country of the year. On a snowy day, walking in Toronto’s Chinatown, I can somehow find the feeling of “The Season of Love in Another Country”.


Later, she filmed

Autumn Moon , which surprised me again. In this filming of immigrants. She not filming life in a foreign land, but about a little girl. Whose parents immigrated first, how she faced. A cold home with only her grandmother, and empty. Hong Kong, and then, she met a language barrier. Lithuania Phone Number Lonely A dying Japanese young man wandering aimlessly in. Hong Kong originally densely populated, but. The Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and McDonald’s the film were dead silent. The little girl recalled having a birthday party at McDonald’s, if she was talking about her past life. The atmosphere the era captured by those bold images so shocking that it is still etched in my mind to this day.


These three

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Plays are for her “Immigration Trilogy”, which is very exciting, but a bit slanted by the standards of Hong Kong films (especially “Autumn” and “Float”), compared to Zhang Wanting’s “Immigration Trilogy” ( “Illegal Immigrants”, “Fairy Tales in Autumn” and “Eight Liang Jin”) are more profound, and are representative films that wrote about the immigration wave of that year. Looking back on it today, it even more evident that these works that obsessed with discreteness are of great significance. And Luo Zhuoyao himself immigrated to Australia as early as the 1990s.

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