Low Expectation Generation – Good or Bad?

Managing expectations is an art. They have a vital role to attract new clients or to receive a new job. This entry is a participatory post where I ask you for help through the comments field to leave your contribution.

Low Expectations Do Not Sell Even if They Are Easily Overcome

The generation of low expectations is Israel B2B List a clear sign of mistrust. Why try this new product if I don’t trust that it will solve my problem or that I won’t be satisfied? If they don’t trust me beforehand despite being good at what I do, it’s easy to be surprised. The problem is that in this case I may never get the opportunity to show my abilities since I will be discarded in the first selection phase. Aiming low to be able to overcome it can be in many cases a wrong bet that does not generate the expected result.

Meeting high expectations is not enough
High expectations attract and sell but do not guarantee success. It can be like using a wildcard that works great but if not I can go home. The problem with high expectations is that they are sometimes difficult to meet. Even if I hit 100% I only get a neutral hit since that was what was expected of me anyway. It is like when Google or Apple communicate quarterly results. Despite being good, the shares are down given that the expectation was already included in their price. It is not enough to comply, it is necessary to overcome to leave a mark on the client.

I hope you are encouraged to participate in this participatory post. I will make a summary once I receive a minimum number of contributions.

What Is a Participatory Post and How Does It Work?

Israel Business Email List
Israel Business Email List

The participatory post, as the name indicates, seeks a higher level of interaction with the reader. Specifically, it seeks to obtain contributions that can go beyond the knowledge of the blogger. Creating this type of input is not very complicated.

The question to answer : for your readers to participate you have to ask something. What do you want to know about them? To increase the probability of receiving a response, put a question at the beginning in the title and at the end of the post.

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