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Catch the ducks on the shelves Because it Israel Phone Number needs to be fast. It needs to be launch sooner. In this case, the product does not have the ability to be commercializ, let alone solve customer problems. As a result, it was force to  the shelves. After the launch, we have customers, the team is very happy. The company Israel Phone Number is also very happy, and everyone feels that we are going in the right direction; soon everyone will not be happy, and the product cannot meet the needs of users. Even some reasonable needs. As a result, product managers began to hesitate between user Israel Phone Number needs and product planning. Meeting user needs for a long time will slow down the process of product planning.

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If the plan is carri out according Israel Phone Number to the rhythm of planning, user needs cannot be met, and users will have to refund . Not focusing The lack of focus on customer acquisition is undoubtedly a fatal blow to a new product. If the product is focused in the early stage of customer expansion, then the demand Israel Phone Number will be relatively focus, and the demand raised by the user may also be representative of the industry. Unfocused products have begun to be implemented in various industries. Taking CRM applications as an example, CRM in the education industry, CRM in Israel Phone Number the bidding industry, and CRM in the financial industry are the same in the main process, but there are many differences in details.

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If supported by multiple industries, it Israel Phone Number will inevitably lead to product problems and lower usability in the future. Don’t focus on promotion, expect products to fully bloom, put both search channels and information flow channels, and put limited funds on unlimited channels. The Misadventures of Tony’s Israel Phone Number Chocolonely A second example: the setbacks in Tony’s Chocolonely’s brand story . The founder of Tony’s Chocolonely, Teun van de Keuken, wants to bring about a change in the chocolate industry. He discovers in the program Keuringsdienst van Waarde that Israel Phone Number there is still a lot of slavery in the chocolate industry. That’s why he reports himself as a chocolate criminal. Immediately he has to deal with the first setback. His declaration is reject: inadmissible.


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