Look for Simplicity in Marketing to Gain Effectiveness

Do not confuse simplicity with level of difficulty. Although during my time as an industrial engineering student I underestimated this discipline, marketing is not an easy task. Now I am experiencing it in the first person and it continues to surprise me almost every day.

Art consists in doing one thing well. Yesterday I saw a report about the electronic music festival in Belgium that had managed to sell more than 100,000 tickets in less than 8 minutes. All they used for it was a video on YouTube that has already been viewed nearly 85,000,000 times .

You Don’t Have to Do Everything to Achieve a Lot

Take a look at Robert Sánchez’s blog. Honduras WhatsApp Number List In his blog he talks about simplicity so it can be considered consistent to close the possibility of commenting to centralize all his communication on Facebook (he also decided to leave Twitter for the same reason).

My case is not exactly the same but for very similar reasons I do not have a professional profile on Facebook or an account on Google+ or others. Especially in online marketing, do not confuse option with obligation . It is better to focus on a little to achieve a lot. I am neither the first nor the last to say it because it is common sense.

I have a theory about small steps in starting a business or doing anything else. It is best to start small and gradually add more complexity to the system. The best products are characterized not by having a lot of functionality but by the elegance of their simplicity .

Make Your Marketing Easier

Honduras WhatsApp Number List
Honduras WhatsApp Number List

Things don’t have to be complicate to work. In fact, what could be missing from your marketing could be taking away everything that is left over. Focus on the essentials to be successful in your promotional actions.

1. Analyze all your activities – You probably do what every marketer starting out does. They try one thing after another. Find out which are those that really give you something or at least more than the others.

2. Focus on 1-3 channels : dismiss and stop channels coldly. It doesn’t matter if Twitter (to give an example) generates 1 client every 2 months. Efforts must be focuse using resources for those tasks that are most effective-

3. Measure like there’s no tomorrow : and I mean that literally. It is one of my big tasks for this year and next. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s impossible to figure out if you’re getting there. Everything has to be measured. Analytics (web) is essential for every business.

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