Think short Taiwan Phone Number and long term

Quality content provides value today and serves its readers for many years to come. In my experience, content should offer utility and be instantly implementable. The best way to ensure quality is to revamp and improve existing content that is working well. Take a winner and upgrade it and keep it always green.
Adam Franklin , CEO, Bluewire Media
Engage your audience
Another way of saying “quality content” is “attractive content”. If the content is appealing to an audience, then it has a Quality Score. For example, some people don’t consider advice lists to be quality, but in fact, some outlets like BuzzFeed and Mashable have had great success with these lists because they are extremely fun, which is quality for their readers. . I use the acronym IDEA to guarantee quality. If it’s industry-leading, data-driven, educational, and fun, that’s usually a win for an audience.
John Hall , co-founder, Calendar


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Be the only place to get it
Quality content is the content Taiwan Phone Number your audience needs and can’t get anywhere else. This isn’t “me too” content – ​​it’s content that you created in response to a deep understanding of the challenges your community faces every day. Ask yourself what specific areas of expertise or data do you have internally to use for the benefit of your audience? This is the type of content you should be pursuing, rather than the “10 things marketers can learn from the latest social media meme” clickbait.
Erika Heald , Consultant, Erika Heald Marketing Consulting

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Position your uniqueness
Create something that doesn’t Taiwan Phone Number reflect someone else’s work. Want to cover a topic that has already received a lot of coverage? Ask: “What can I add to this that will be relevant and interesting to my readership?” or “What outstanding questions can I offer my company’s expertise to answer?”
Jenn Renoe , Media Supervisor, Publicis Health Media


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dream bigger
I prefer to use the term “value”. You need to. Also, provide something of value to your audience and the more value you provide, the better. Research what your competitors are providing and provide more valuable content. For example, imagine there are hundreds of articles related to persona building for content marketing. Instead of creating another article, create software to help create characters automatically. That’s what HubSpot did.
Ian Cleary , Founder, Razor Social

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Try it
Your target audience can tell you if the quality of your content is crap. You need to test the content with a small segment of your target audience and get their reaction first. Too many marketers make assumptions instead of using secondary, first-hand research to see what will succeed. Research reduces risk.
Melissa Eggleston , Director of User Experience, Teamworks


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