Linkbuilding in a Natural Way Without Google Penalizing You

If the term link building sounds like Chinese to you, you can stop after this sentence. It is very likely that you are still in an initial phase with your blog where you should not waste time with the web positioning issue but invest it to create quality content.

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1 Definition of link building
2 Why you should treat link building very carefully
3 Link building has to seem natural for Google to believe it

Definition of Link Building

For a web page, link building describes Lesotho B2B List the process of obtaining links from third parties. It is not an exact definition but enough to summarize the main idea. There are 3 types of global strategies that can be applied specifically for this case:

Blackhat : cheating to get a profit and short-term visits assuming that sooner or later you get caught and the web will be penalized.
Whitehat – Getting links within the margin of what Google tolerates without going overboard. Although it is a proactive strategy, it is well seen and does not harm anyone.
Linkbaiting : Of the 3 types, this strategy behaves passively. Through the creation of quality content, the reception of “honest” links is sought.
There are many people who know much more about web positioning, so do not interpret this classification as the truth. Even so, it should be close to what is the current situation in the world of SEO.

Why You Should Treat Link Building Very Carefully

Betting on any internet project solely for link building to gain positions in search engines is a strategy that seeks short-term results. In addition one runs a high risk of receiving a penalty by Google which can in the extreme case mean disappearing from the index altogether. Consequently, you will no longer receive any visits from search engines and re-entering will require a lot of effort and time without having a guarantee that one day you will achieve it.

I do not recommend a link building strategy if you have a blog. The theme can make more sense for online businesses if this task is done very carefully. Given that in my case I have already easily burned about 50 websites for going beyond what is allowed, it is not something that I would do with this blog. I share my own SEO experience of my projects with some additional tips that Alex Navarro gave in the training for bloggers last week in Alicante .

Link building has to look natural for Google to believe it
In case it is not clear yet that link building from Google’s point of view is cheating. If you get caught, you are no longer part of the club of indexed pages and a new acceptance can cost you months or even start over with a new website from scratch. If you want to navigate under Google’s radar, you have to mimic the natural process of getting links.

1. Vary the Target Keyword :

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It is not natural that everyone puts you a link with “online t-shirts” if you have this product in your store. You have to vary the keywords constantly if you want to rank for that combination. E.g. “store t-shirts”, “buy t-shirts”, “online t-shirt store”, etc. Even these combinations should only be around 20% of all the links you get.

2. Natural links : put yourself in the shoes of someone who would put you a real link. It is not very likely that you will choose the keyword that best suits you. Maybe it would put your brand, the URL of your store or simply “here”. Most of the links you get should have these characteristics to make it seem like a natural fit.

4. Words around the link – Google also takes into account the words around the link. Whenever you can, put here the keywords with which you are interested in positioning well. As text for the link it is enough to put the URL of your website.

3. Put powerful external links : for link building it is not only relevant who links to you but also those that you put on your own page. To make Google understand that you are a quality website, you have to refer to the best of your subject . Here Wikipedia is also worth it since Google considers it as an authorship for any field. In this way the links you receive will be more powerful.

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