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These information pages can support the important Denmark Phone Number pages on your website that need to ensure conversion. So there are several ways to expand your list of keywords even further with long-tail keywords. The disadvantage of searching via Google is that you do not know the search volumes. To find out you still need a paid tool such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. They can easily look up the volumes with a list of keywords. At Ahrefs you go to Keywords Denmark Phone Number Explorer, here you can fill in a list as in the example below. You will then be presented with an overview of the volumes of the searched keywords. A big advantage of Ahrefs is that you can also see the Click Per Search (CPS).

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This gives an average of how many Denmark Phone Number results are clicked in Google. Ahrefs Bulk Keywords Explorer At SEMrush, the function is called Keyword Overview and looks like the example below. You will then also get a clear overview Denmark Phone Number of the volumes, but also the competition and much more. SEMrush Keyword Overview Is your list complete, or do you think it’s okay for now? Then it’s time for the next step. categorize It is now time to put the search terms in certain categories and to determine which (new) URL the search terms should return to.

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Not every search term needs its Denmark Phone Number own page. It is even wise to have similar keywords on one page because then Google or another search engine will sooner understand what the website/content is about. It is best to use a program with rows and columns such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Use the search Denmark Phone Number term, volume, and destination URL columns. Want to go one step further? Then you can also choose to indicate to what extent the competition is. Low, medium, and high You can determine this with, for example, the number of results when entering a search term in Google. With the categorization, you bundle keywords that fit together on a page. Make sure you keep it clear. This Denmark Phone Number makes it easier for you to work later. Have you made a clear categorization, such as the example below? Keyword categorization.

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