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Of course, this must involve what to write? Why write about these topics. However, in order to facilitate entry into the context of poetry. We might as well talk about how the charm of the language itself is restrained and diffused as a call to the theme. I have always had some special emotion and thinking about.  Zhong Yongfeng’s poetic world. The memory of peasants, land, labor and the timid struggle of being close to the hometown allow a poet to find a place for language in poetry in the darkness of life and the sunshine that seems to fall from the shadows of trees. and dialectically guide. Out of a sense of displacement, he pursues the contradictions and struggles between a foreign land and his hometown.

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And charming intersection of his poems. At the Kuwait Phone Number same time. In recent years, the Hakka, which has been flooded with political language, as a pleasing rhetoric for disadvantaged groups, cannot find a place in his poetry. In my opinion, this is the quality of the purity of poetry in the social relations of aesthetic production. Because, purely in terms of poetry, it is a kind of entanglement. Intertwining and struggle, isn’t it! For example, “vine wrapped around a tree” is one of his many poems. Two of the sentences point out the damage the petrochemical industry has done to the farmers of Kaohsiung Liujin.

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From the ancient Hakka language of “vine wrapped around trees”, this kind of entanglement is a specific and subtle description of the rural areas under the dependence of Taiwan’s modernization after World War II. Many times, the “fu, comparison, and prosperity” in his verses come from a turning point in Du Fu’s poetics. Looking at it this way, I found that the particularity in Zhong Yongfeng’s poems has its own origin. Look at the key lines of this poem: Entering the mountain and seeing the vines around the tree / Going out of the mountain and seeing the trees around the vines It is also from this perspective that I have the opportunity to meet another film and walk into the poems of Wiji Thukul, an Indonesian poet who disappeared during the protests. Poetry and cultural action.

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