Keith Haring’s legacy in Barcelona

On world aids day we remember the figure of the north american artist, who. Painted a large mural to show his fight against the disease in february 1989, keith haring pennsylvania, 1958 new york, 1990, an. Artist internationally recognized for his pop and figurative style, as well as for his large, black strokes, landed in. Barcelona and almost by chance drew one of the emblems of barcelona and an international symbol of the fight against aids. The original wall had to be demolished after a few years, but in 2014 a new one was reproduced with the tracing of the original work and the same color. Keith harings legacy in barcelona 1 reconstructed mural, 2014. Drawing, plastic painting on wall, 235 x 3400 cm.


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Patian cc bysa 3.0, wikimedia commons a philippines photo editor work full of symbolism and optimism haring, after talking. To some acquaintances about making an artistic intervention in the city, accepted with the sole condition of choosing the place. The artist opted for a square in the heart of barcelonas raval, then known as the chinatown, which. At that time was significantly degraded. Not coincidentally, haring chose one of the walls where more syringes. Were found every morning, in salvador seguí square, given that, as he said, it reminded him of. The new york slums where he had started painting. Despite haring being a highly valued artist at that time, he selflessly. Wanted to paint the raval mural, leaving a legacy in the city forever.

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The artist painted a buttress attached to the wall BVD Directory of a dilapidated building and did so for five hours, as he notes in his diaries “it took me five hours to paint it, just as I had planned. The wall already had a weird slant where it was difficult to paint, but one of the things I like most. About this job is the physical adaptability it requires. I found a posture that allowed me to paint in a homogeneous and balanced way. Some of the best photos in this mural reflect the body language and postures. I adopt to paint.” keith harings legacy in barcelona 6 keith harings legacy in barcelona 7 in the mural. You can see a syringe being drowned by a large snake, which could represent the disease, and which has the word aids below.

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