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Webmasters understand what is expected of them. In fact, they even had a connection to the search engine optimization (SEO) world, and his name was Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team. Cutts would tour the SEO conference circuit and was often the keynote or keynote speaker. Every time Google changed its algorithms or pushed out a new update to its search engine, Cutts was there to explain what that meant for webmasters. It was quite a spectacle.

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SEOs attacking every loophole they could find, every little advantage they could get their hands on. In the same piece, Cutts explained why these techniques weren’t going to work in the future and what Google actually recommended. As the loopholes were Macedonia Phone Number closed, Cutts became one of the only sources of hope for SEOs. Google was getting more sophisticated than ever, and with very few loopholes to exploit, Cutts’ speaking engagements became crucial for SEOs to scrutinize and dissect.

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Slowed to a trickle. Cutts’ speaking engagements became rarer and his directives became more generic. Finally, in 2014, Cutts took his leave of Google. This came as a shock to insiders who had built an entire revenue model selling access to this information. Then the worst news for SEOs: He was replaced by a nameless Googler. Why no name? Because the role of spokesperson was being phased out. Google would no longer explain what brands should do with each new update to its search engine. The more complicated its search engine algorithms, the more PPC ads Google sold. As a result of this change.

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Google capitalized heavily on PPC ad revenue. He even created “Learn with Google,” a brilliant classroom where SEO conference attendees could learn how to maximize PPC spend. An article by Search Engine Land columnist Kristine Schachinger about the lack of information about a major algorithmic update, and Google’s flippant response by acting spokesperson Gary Illyes, summed up the whole frustration of the SEO industry. What was happening? Removing the brakes – the move to an AI-powered search engine At the same time, Google was experimenting with new machine learning techniques to automate much of its search engine

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