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Then you must have an irresistible page title and UK Phone Number meta description. I’ll teach you how to do that here. Page title and meta description The page title and meta description of the search term ‘frankwatching’. Page titles are like front pages You know it: you take a magazine off the shelf, look at the front page and you read the title. Now you can do UK Phone Number two things. Either you put the magazine back, or you’re going to leaf through it. Which of the two that is, you determine for the most part via the front page. The same goes for facades or a first date. Are you entering the store? Do you approach that nice man or woman? You base that on the first thing you see of the store or the other person.

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The same goes for page titles in Google. The UK Phone Number determines whether people land on your website, or that of the competitor. The purpose of your page title and meta description These two pieces of text are for something. They have a purpose. Initially, they are there to convince your visitor to click on them, so that they end up on your website. In addition, they are there to make it clear to Google what the landing page is about. The KPIs to look at are: Organic UK Phone Number position Click-through-rate (CTR), the percentage of people who see and click on your page title The higher you rank in Google, the higher the CTR, the more people end up on your website.

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You can easily keep track of this data in UK Phone Number Google Search Console. Google increasingly fills in the meta description itself The search engines are getting smarter, which you also see in the search results. It is increasingly common for Google to create its own meta description. It is therefore not a disaster if you forget to enter it in your CMS. Still, it is useful to fill it in yourself, so that the meta description fits your tone of voice, for example. Where do I change the page title about meta description? Usually you do this in your CMS or via a plugin. Since WordPress is one of the most widely used content systems, I will cover this system. Make sure you have the free Yoast plugin.

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