It Is Not News That There Is A Shortage

It is not news that there is a shortage in the labor market. The fact that this has been a challenge within online marketing agencies for some time is also not. There is simply much more work in the market than there are good people to do this work. Star players are snatched from agencies and seduced with a higher salary and attractive bonuses.

It is therefore high time to Chile Phone Numbers look at retaining employees for longer within your organization. What steps can you take to keep employees happy and make it attractive to stay longer?

An Important Factor

Everything starts with a good foundation. Provide a competitive salary, good fringe benefits and, depending on where someone stands in his or her career, a good bonus scheme.

Provide a pleasant working atmosphere in the office, such as good conditions in terms of workplace, light and greenery. And offers opportunities to have fun, for example with a gaming room. Since we are all working from home more and more, a complete work from home package with compensation for realizing a nice workplace is also part of it.

When a new employee starts, it is also important to provide good onboarding . For example, give someone a buddy in the organization and make sure that enough time is set aside to get to know the organization well. I know from experience how difficult it is if this piece is missing. And no, I’m not mentioning names of former employers.

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Keep Communicating

What I see at many agencies is that the first phase with an employee goes very well. The base is in order and the employee is released. This is a very logical process and there is nothing wrong with it. But the pitfall that many employers fall into is that communication is becoming less and less frequent. That too is quite natural.

An important factor in keeping people engaged for longer is to show genuine interest. Stay in touch with them and communicate regularly. This way you build a stronger bond and increase involvement in your organization.

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