It Is More Important to Know the “Why” Than the “What” When Setting Up a Business

One of the lessons you learn about starting a business is that you have to know what your customer wants. You need to know your business and its processes to provide an adequate solution to your problem. Reasons for Customer Purchase Decision Fotolia Photo Rights. In this case, it is suggested to carry out a market study or interviews with potential clients. Do not get me wrong. This makes perfect sense but it is not enough if you do not go one step further.

It Is Not Enough to Meet the Needs of a Client

Why is it so difficult to sell online? At first glance it does not seem so complex. A decent website with a suitable offer should generate sales. That’s what you think when you start.

The right product is not enough – This is probably China Business Fax List one of the first surprises someone gets when they have invested a lot of money in an infrastructure setting up a powerful e-commerce store. Then you add the right products and everything should start rolling. The disappointment comes when you see that despite having invested thousands of euros you do not sell.
Attracting visitors is only a first step : then you start to think and say to yourself “of course, without users coming to my website it is difficult for them to buy from me”. Now you have to get money from where there isn’t to do your campaigns with Google Adwords because you hadn’t planned any budget for advertising.

The first sales come to you but you realize that selling is more expensive than not selling at all . A low price is not enough : your pricing strategy has been as aggressive as possible. With these times they only sell those that have the best offers. You hardly earn any money but you bet that your first customers will come back because they will be satisfies. What you do not take into account is that with a low price strategy you attract a customer profile that is not characterized by a high level of loyalty.

You have to understand the reasons beyond the obvious purchase needs In yesterday’s post I already talked about the possible reasons for a user’s purchase in the case of e-books . The reasons for deciding on an offer vary greatly depending on the product or service. It cannot be generalized because although it says that the price is not so relevant, there are certain sectors where it is really an important differentiating factor.

1. “Social proof” as a reason to buy : Sometimes we buy a car because our neighbor has also bought it. We choose the ice cream parlor based on the one with the longest queue with customers waiting. We need “social proof” to reduce the risk of making the wrong purchase decision.

Social Proof – What It Is and What It Is for in Online Marketing

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2. “I do what I want” : Although the vast majority of us have already left childhood a couple of years ago, sometimes we still behave like little children. We do the opposite of what we are told because we are stubborn. “Don’t smoke, it causes cancer and you will die.” These messages could even help the tobacco industry instead of having the desired effect.

Reverse psychology as a secret weapon for your marketing

3. The “how nice” factor : friendliness is an important factor when it comes to selling. It generates trust that is the fundamental basis of every business. They can be details that for your competition may be insignificant that make someone buy from you and not from them. Never underestimate the power of small details. They make a difference and attract customers like a magnet.

A Detail Is Not Expensive but It Is Worth a Lot

4. Feeling special and exclusive : For about 24 hours an application was available in the Apple App Store call “I am rich” . The only add value for the user was being able to show that they had the money to affordthe cost of $999.99, which is the maximum price allowe. In this time he had 8 buyers. Exclusivity is a factor that can attract a certain public willing to spend a lot of money to feel special.

How to get your products and services to be perceived as exclusive without limiting them

Always think about a potential customer’s reasons for buying. These four points are by no means a complete list. Don’t limit yourself to obvious needs. You have to have the ability to be in the heads and hearts of your target audience to create an offer they can fall in love with.

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