Is E-commerce Worth Doing Baidu Mini Programs? Tell me about my case and thinking

WeChat applet, the Baidu applet relies on. Also, search Make contact and appear in specific channels; the author of this article shared his thoughts on whether e-commerce is worth doing Baidu Mini Programs, let’s take a look.

The dividends of the mobile Internet are. Also, gradually Australia Phone Number shrinking, and small programs have become a new growth point. The author spent half a year working. Also, on Baidu small programs. With the development of the Baidu platform, the process of going from 0 to 1 has just been completed, and I would like to share some thoughts here.

Assess the product space

Assessing business prospects is the first. Also, step in a product manager’s decision-making, and it is also the most important part of an. E-commerce Australia Phone Number product. Only by understanding the overall development prospects of Baidu Mini Programs and evaluating the current status of your company’s products in Baidu can you judge your own product space.

According to Baidu’s official information, Baidu’s smart. Also, applet is based on the mobile phone Baidu app, with a MAU of 250 million. When the development of WeChat mini-programs tends to be stable, changes in Baidu’s platform will release new dividend space and trigger new growth points; while the DAU of WeChat mini-programs has already exceeded 250 million, a random. Also, survey of colleagues around them found that there are still 1/10 of the people do not have Baidu installed on their mobile phones. The gap between the mobile phone and the national-level app WeChat is obvious. Therefore, it is not too much to expect Baidu mini programs to show explosive growth like WeChat.

Dismantling the formula of e-commerce products

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After confirming that our company. Also, has time and market space for Baidu Mini Programs, our next step is to disassemble the product function, clarify the North. Also, Star indicator (or KPI) of the product, and find the formula, which is the basis of growth hacking (or product), as shown in the figure above. shown.

In the e-commerce industry where the author. Also, is located, the two core elements of reach and conversion can be simplified into traffic and conversion rate. The formula is Σ traffic * Σ conversion rate = Σ order ; dismantling the formula, from the perspective of new and old users , our initial user level is very low, and the repurchase rate in the industry is not high, so new users are our core focus, and old users are put on hold for the time being.


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