Is a Video Worth More Than 1,000 Words?

Until recently, the video format was a great unknown to me. I have always been focused on the text because it is what I have known for 8 years. It’s always hard for me to make an effort to learn new things because at first you’re never too productive. Video or text in a blog? Fostoria photo rights Advantages of recording videos and publishing them on the network . Although we have had some help with the videos . For the creation of the content in Quondam. I have been forced to learn this new discipline of content marketing practically from scratch. Of course, audiovisual formats offer some important advantages. YouTube is a relevant traffic source : YouTube is one of the most important search engines in the world. Every day millions of people searches for content in the form of videos.

With a YouTube channel and some good videos you can drive relevant traffic to your page. It helps you improve SEO : when you integrate a video in a post that attracts attention, you keep the user longer on your site. You are sending a positive message to Google in this way since it interprets that your content is relevant and of quality, which makes you add points. Showing your face is essential to building trust : I have already said it several times and I repeat it here too.

Advantages of Recording Videos and Publishing Them on the Network

Literally showing your face helps establish the foundation of every sale, Albania WhatsApp Number List which is trust. We want to know who is behind a service or product to clear up possible doubts that are not always rational. You can increase your audience : Human beings in general are a bit lazy. I am no better than others in this regard. There are many people who will never read this post because they don’t feel like it. On the other hand, if he had recorded the same idea also in video format. He could reach a different audience, increasing the audience. Why don’t I bet on video on my blog yet? Although a video can be worth more than 1,000 words, I still prefer the text format. I don’t think that in the short term this place will become a video blog either… 1. Saving time : although the result may not seem good, a video of a few minutes can take several hours or days to produce. My goal is to create at least 1 content each day, so with the audiovisual format at first it would take even longer than it takes to write 1 post . 2. Texts are a foundation for books : Having a blog and posting frequently can be a fast track to becoming a book author .

Why Don’t I Bet on Video on My Blog Yet?

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Albania WhatsApp Number List

3. Better for SEO – Although SEO is not my main concern I don’t mind that search engines are sending me more and more visits lately. There are exceptions, especially if you position a video with many searches, but on average a text generates more visits than the audiovisual format because the fundamental ingredient for search engines is still the written word. To answer the initial question: the good thing is that you don’t have to make a decision between one format or another. On any web page or blog, video and text can perfectly coexist together. In this blog, surely with the practice that Quondam is giving me. I will publish a video in a timely manner.

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