Iron Blogger: Who Does Not Want to Write Pays 5 Dollars

It was thanks to my wife and an article in the German online media Spiegel that I found out about “Iron Blogger” as a new trend in the Germanic blogosphere. In Germany, more and more people are coming together in different cities to harness the power of groups to take their blogs to the next level.

What Is This “iron Blogger” Thing?

The creator of Iron Blogger was the then student of the New Zealand Business Fax List  American university of brilliant minds MIT Nelson Ehage in the year 2009. It really is not something that is totally new and even in Spain the subject has already been discusses . It seems that what started as an idea to drink free beer is becoming a movement among German bloggers. Although the origin comes from MIT, it is clear that they also like to get drunk there.

The name Iron Blogger already gives you an idea of ​​what it is about. It gives illusion to one of the toughest sports competitions in the world: the Iron Man . Do not be scare  with this comparison because I assure you that it is much easier to be an Iron Blogger than to take the swim, bike and marathon test. Posting once a week is enough to comply with the rules . Typically, several bloggers come together hoping that the social pressure of the group will help them publish at least one per week on their blog. For more motivation, you still have to pay 5 dollars in the pot for each time you fail to get the weekly post. Once a month the iron bloggersare left to go out for drinks with the money contributed by those who did not manage to get that compulsory ticket.

What Is the Use of Being an Iron Blogger?

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Those who read this blog frequently know that consistency is an essential element to take your blog to the next level . In my case, posting once a week is a bit short because I prefer to write a daily post. Maybe we invented the category of Ultra Blogger to show MIT students that they are sluts Here are some of the advantages of becoming an Iron Blogger :

Motivation by social pressure : it is a very simple formula and it works just like a meeting of anonymous alcoholics. Seeing others achieve it is an important motivation to continue with your goal.
Networking with bloggers : blogging is networking . Now more than ever. Growing your blog alone is possible, but being accompanied simplifies things. Being part of a bloggers group gives you access to resources, links, knowledge, etc.
Grow your blog : publishing accompanied is a safe formula to grow your blog. There are no guarantees of success but many people have manages  to get a blog that is read in this way.
Go out for free drinks : as long as you are constant, of course. If you do not fail in the weekly publication, it will be your colleagues who will pay you for the beer, drink, Coca Cola or whatever.

Otherwise the Others Will Drink to Your Health.

I don’t know if Iron Blogger has already arrived in Spain as it has in Germany or the United States. Whenever you are interested in organizing or participating in an Iron Blogger in your city, let me know and we will turn the subject around to make it a reality.

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