Stop using “tiring” headlines if you are not interested in getting new readers

in the first placeIt would be a sure hit. Everything fits. The product, the market, the suppliers and there is practically no competition. The bad thing is that you lack so many things to start. Chile WhatsApp Number List .It really is a shame. Of course, not everyone can be as lucky as the well-known start-ups and have the chance to launch without further ado. Things you don’t need in a startup Fotolia photo rights Excuses and excuses.

They make you feel good because you have identified one or several external factors that prevent you from realizing your dreams. Chile WhatsApp Number List .Do you want me to tell you why you really cannot get your start-up off the ground? It’s actually very simple. It’s because you don’t move your ass. Contents [ hide ] 1 1. You can start without external investment 2

Not everything goes in the headlines

2. A business plan 3 3. A technical director 4 4. Cool offices or a garage 5 5. A good idea 6 6. Create a profile on all social networks 7 7. Chile WhatsApp Number List Being 20 years old 1. You can start without external investment This may sound crazy to you but I assure you it is true. You do not need 100,000-500,000 euros of investment to start. You can even start with zero.

Your time has a value but it does not cost you money. I am aware that you still need time to believe it. I’ve probably been worse than you. 2. A business plan To launch Coguan, he had put in the first business plan that he needed 5,000,000 euros just to start. Chile WhatsApp Number List .If true, then he thought they were good for something. Today I know that plans never come out and that the best of all of them is an Excel . Today I prefer to do the numbers first before starting work. I don’t need a written plan to act. 3. A technical director I admit that this point is still an atypical piece of advice for setting up a start-up .

Why you should get attention with the help of headlines

Chile WhatsApp Number List
Chile WhatsApp Number List

In the first place, The ideal is to combine in a person a technical profile with a nose for business. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg fall into this category. You see that combining these 2 characteristics in one person is like winning the jackpot in the lottery. Chile WhatsApp Number List .They are typically opposite profiles that are a source of conflict because on few occasions the CTO and CEO are 100% in agreement on the steps to take. If you do not have technical knowledge you can outsource them for little money.

4. Cool offices or a garage It was said about Jeff Bezos that to launch Amazon he rented a house with a garage so that he could tell it later as an anecdote. Chile WhatsApp Number List .In Spain, the vast majority of people live in apartments that do not have their own garage but rather a storage room. For the sake of your health I would rule out both options. You don’t need cool offices either. Someone who has had them tells you and now temporarily works from home without an office, having to concentrate between the screams of the 4-month-old baby and the 2-and-a-half-year-old little one.

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