Intensive Course for Bloggers of Less Than 30 Minutes

The world of blogging can be stressful when you are taking your first steps. You think that everyone knows more than you and you may even feel intimidated by other bloggers who are already more advanced. Instead of taking the time to learn the basics well, most people start creating content nonstop because they have heard that to increase traffic you have to create many articles.

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The moment of frustration comes when, after Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number creating dozens of posts, the visits do not seem to increase and apart from the best friend or the family, no one comments. If you see yourself in this situation, I recommend you take only 30 minutes to read the following posts (reading times estimated by Read-o-Meter ). You will be able to take advantage of an intensive blogging course that will surely help you advance and overcome the barriers that at the moment seem not to let you advance.

blogging strategy

You are wrong if you only try to reach the maximum number of readers. It is not only relevant how many read you but even more so who and when.

Writing for 20 people in the world may make sense to you (3 minutes 30 seconds).

Not all posts are written to be read (2 minutes 54 seconds).

Content creation

The basis of the future success of your blog is the quality of your content. Apart from small tricks to improve the writing, you can collaborate with your readers to focus the posts on what really interests them.

10 Tricks to Become a Better Writer (4 Minutes 43 Seconds).

Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number
Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number

Your readers can help you in the creation of new content (2 minutes and 18 seconds).

blog promotion

Creating articles for other bloggers can be an amazing way to get traffic to your blog. There are ways beyond Twitter and Facebook that you may not have known about yet.

Publishing posts on third-party blogs helps you grow faster (3 minutes and 15 seconds).

5 little-known ways to promote your blog (4 minutes 38 seconds).

Get 100 loyal readers in 100 days (2 minutes 53 seconds).

Curiosities and surprises of blogging

Although there are some rules to improve blogging, you can always find curious effects that are not found in blogging guides. Even small mistakes can lead to increased visits.

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