What You Can Do Before, During and After a Presentation to Increase Your Reach on Twitter

Stop fooling around and start selling yourself . Being modest and humble has so far brought you nothing beyond a good first impression with your partner’s parents. There is a difference between being confident in your abilities and being arrogant. You can be the first without giving the feeling of believing yourself superior to others. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Twitter has generated so much interest. In this blog I have talked relatively little about the subject, so you might be interested in me delving a little deeper. Contents [ hide ] 1 Some tasks before the event 2 Small details to keep in mind during your presentation 3 The most important thing after the presentation . Some tasks before the event.

Some Tasks Before the Event

The result obtained is much better if I include it in a normal post. 2. Promote your presentation on Twitter : if you are looking for diffusion on Twitter, Bolivia WhatsApp Number List your thing is to use this channel to promote it. The impact depends on the number of participants who find out about the event. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Don’t be afraid to mention it multiple times. Since all your followers are never online at the same time, it makes sense to broadcast a tweet in different time slots . 3. Invite your connections to the event – ​​I’m not telling you to start spamming your connections on LinkedIn. You should be more selective and address each of them in a personalized way. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will no longer be your LinkedIn contact. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List .

Small Details to Keep in Mind During Your Presentation

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List
Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

4. Program tweets with phrases from the presentation : despite being a repetition, it deserves to be mentiones again in this post. There are certain phrases that have a very high probability of receiving diffusion on Twitter. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List You can leave them programmed just like Yorien to does too . What is amazing in his case is that the tweet with the phrase he uses in his presentation comes out practically at the same time on his timeline as it does from his mouth. 5. Ask for feedback on Twitter from the participants : if you want them to talk about you on Twitter you have to ask for it. Life is so.

The Most Important Thing After the Presentation

There are follow-up tasks so that your participation in an event continues to bring you a benefit despite having finished a long time ago. 6. Upload your presentation to You tube : as you can see I won’t tell you anything that is complicated. This is a box but if you don’t do it, the broadcast received simply ends 5 minutes after finishing your presentation at the event. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List By uploading a video to the network you can continue to be broadcast even years after the event. 7. Publish a post with the video on your blog : your most loyal and closest followers will be those who will help you spread the content you publish on your blog. It is not about taking advantage of them but simply giving them the opportunity to do you a favor if they perceive that you deserve it.

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