In the World of Blogs There Is No Competition

Creating this blog 3 years ago is one of the best things I’ve done in recent years. It gives me enormous personal satisfaction to know that every day there are people who pass by here reading what I write. It has not been easy to go from being read only by your mother, your partner and 2 or 3 people from the company. If you start a blog today, the road ahead of you is very long. Do not flatter yourself that you can be successful in a short time because miracles do not exist. This is work, period.

A Blog Does Not Have to Be a Lonely Struggle

Although it is not easy, things get complicated Western Sahara B2B List if you think you have to go this path alone. About in the beginning bloggers think a lot in terms of competition. Although it is difficult to understand, helping each other contributes much more than trying to fight each other.

There is room for everyone : Google has 10 positions for each keyword. Now think about the multitude of combinations of 2 to 3 terms that exist and the space that is left for everyone. Readers read more than 1 blog – Most people don’t have just one favorite blog. They usually go through several blogs, even if it is only to contrast opinions on an issue. You have a better time : it’s a personal opinion (like almost everything in this blog) but I enjoy collaborating more than fighting other bloggers. Try it and you will see that you also benefit from meeting other people in your niche.

Ways to Collaborate With Other Bloggers in Your Industry

Western Sahara B2B List
Western Sahara B2B List

I have met many bloggers through collaborations. The following 3 points are those that I would highlight at the level of benefits that you obtain when instead of fighting you look for common points with those people who share the same theme as you.

1. Recommend the blogs of the competition to your readers : It took me a while to understand the importance of this point. Sooner or later your readers are going to discover that there are more blogs out there besides yours. Wouldn’t you rather be the one telling them? A user will always return to the source of the recommendations so you don’t have to be afraid that they will leave and not come back. You are interestes in being perceive as someone who adds value and is not afraid that there are other bloggers who also offer quality content. Don’t be stingy with links to competitor blogs.

2. Increase awareness with strategic alliances : Maybe you know the sportsmen Josef Ajram and Kilian Jornet. What for someone who is used to running marathons would be a huge challenge would be for them the morning training. Until today I thought that there was a certain rivalry between the two but in reality they even support each other in the dissemination of their actions and careers. What do all the little bloggers do instead? Fight to the death. Dont have much sense. Each one will find their niche and their followers but if we help each other we will go further.

Strategic Alliances on Twitter to Increase the Dissemination of Your Content

3. Publish your best posts on the competition’s blogs : especially if you are just starting out, this is the best way to promote your new blog. Let’s be realistic for a moment. When you launch a blog no one is going to read what you post. On the other hand, on a website that already has the audience you are looking for, you can have much more visibility.

Why Writing Guest Posts on Third-party Blogs Helps You Grow Faster

I’m glad that in less than 8 days after launching the tweet about a possible “Course for bloggers” free of charge for unemployed youth , it is already a reality. I am lucky to share it with 3 prominent bloggers from the world of blogging in Spain. It is an honor and pleasure that you have joined this initiative. Thanks to Emilio from Madrid Emprender for making the facilities available to us. Hope to see some of you out there!

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