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Even tempt visitors to click on your search Iceland Phone Number result after all! JavaScript going to JavaScript.  The trend that more and more websites are built with a JavaScript framework instea of just HTML. JavaScript is great for web builders to quickly develop websites. When using a headless CMS, you can hardly avoid building the front end in a JavaScript framework. headless cms javascript However, this is a red flag for SEO. Googlebot can’t always handle JavaScript well, let alone other less advanced crawlers. This means that Iceland Phone Number there is a great danger that not all your content and links will be crawl. And even if you have set this up properly at some point, it is still important to check with every front-end update whether this causes crawling or indexation issues.

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Moreover, those frameworks are often not set Iceland Phone Number up in such a way that you have full control over SEO elements such as title, meta description and headers. This means that you cannot fully optimize the content. Both problems can have disastrous consequences for your organic traffic. In practice we often see a drop in organic traffic (-80%) because the Iceland Phone Number website is no longer findable due to JavaScript. In practice we often see a drop in organic traffic (-80%) because the website is no longer findable due to JavaScript. Headless CMS: keep your head up Thinking about building a new website in a JavaScript framework or switching to a headless CMS altogether?

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Then be aware of the dangers Iceland Phone Number for SEO. What is easy for the web builder is not necessarily good for your organic findability. Be sure to be inform in advance by an SEO expert to prevent big fuck ups in the future! Page Experience Update To paraphrase Google: “more fast = more better”. And we agree with them. The faster a website is, the better the user experience and the higher the conversion rate. This is easy to Iceland Phone Number calculate. In addition, this means that Googlebot can work faster, which in turn saves Google money. Google-Page-Experience Scheme Overview of the factors in Google Page Experience That is why Google focuses even more on loading speed. The Core Web Vitals were introduced this year and the Page Experience update will roll out in May 2021.

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