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That’s where the highly effective “cart casino email capture” hack comes into play. In our early tests, we’ve been able to use Cart Casino to generate over $100,000 in Denmark Phone Number one day! Here’s how it works. Your visitors land on your website Using Cart Casino, your visitors Denmark Phone Number enter their email address and “spin” to win prizes you determine in advance You can offer Denmark Phone Number prizes like a certain percentage off, free shipping on purchases or free product. Or, you might add an option for people to win nothing at all  that’s alrigh

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Showing cart casino in action For Denmark Phone Number example, let’s say a visitor lands on your website and sees your shiny new Cart Casino tool. They spin and receive 25% off of their entire order. Awesome! That customer now has even more incentive to shop on your website and go through with the purchase. At the very least, you now have their email address and can even cookie them for Denmark Phone Number your social media retargeting campaigns. Another example. Let’s say a visitor lands on your website and enters their email to spin the wheel. They win nothing and leave your website without purchasing a product.

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You can still turn it into a “win” for your Denmark Phone Number business. Place all email leads you receive via the Cart Casino in their own segmented email list (bonus for separating them into winners vs. non-winners). Then, nurture the heck out of them with highly specific copy and Denmark Phone Number deals. Here’s what that could look like: Screenshot showing an email about cart casino No matter what your customers Denmark Phone Number walk away with, you’ll have something valuable to offer them. Cart Casino is part of our ecommerce and Team plans. Despite what marketers and businesses might say, there’s no fast track to ecommerce

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