If You Have a Good Idea, You Just Have to Do It!

Do you know those situations in life where you are talking to friends and you have had an idea that makes you freak out? “Someone would have to do that” is one of the most used phrases in that context. It is not always about creating a company. Sometimes they can be things that require less involvement and continue for years, such as personal challenges, a post that goes against everyone’s opinion, a prank on a friend, etc.

In Moments of Euphoria the Craziest Ideas Can Be Born

In the euphoria of the moment, sometimes Togo B2B List risky decisions  are made that may seem crazy to you the day after. In the vast majority of cases, in the end you give up and you are left with the desire because you do not dare to make it a reality. These moments make the difference between those who put on their diapers to hide what comes next and those who prefer to continue with their lives as they are because they prefer security.

In the last 24 hours I have experienced this moment of being euphoric for having made a risky decision that may seem crazy. On top of that it can cost me money out of pocket if things don’t go well. I am organizing an event with a person and we made the decision yesterday at 10 pm at the Starbucks in Plaza España to do it in a guerrilla marketing style. 12 hours later we almost backpedaled because of listening to third parties who tell you that “that can’t work”. Soon I will tell you more about it.

If You Risk, Do It With Head and Passion

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In life there is no guarantee of success. But if you never risk anything you will not know what will happen. Risking doesn’t guarantee you anything either. To be honest, it is rather the opposite. Most likely, the only thing you will receive in return is the pride of having tried. It and not backing down even if you were warne. The best thing is not that the plans work. But that time in which you do not know how the thing will turn out in the end. It is what gives the sauce life.

Do not risk without head but do it with enthusiasm and passion. The vast majority of things in life do not seem possible because no one has dared to try them. To take risks you do not have to take. The risk of getting into debt for the next 10 or 20 years. Not everyone likes the feeling that insecurity gives you. There are others who become addicted and don’t want to live without it anymore.

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