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Check out the highlights and key points below. The Problem: Your SEO and PPC Efforts The problem is that the standard PPC and SEO approach for many businesses uses the same tools that have been around for several years. You might already be generating traffic, and you might be generating leads and knowing what search queries led to those leads, but you’re not using tools that aren’t the best for the job. Google ad limitations Google Ads has access to ad forwarding numbers. However, this doesn’t help with organic traffic and you don’t own the numbers either. If you’re using Google Ads, you can put the number in a Google Ad extension. Additionally, you can place tracking numbers on a landing page. 

But at the end of the day, those are not numbers that will necessarily help you with organic traffic. Those numbers are also not owned by the company you are posting ads for. So in the future, if, say, someone interacts with your ad and calls a number six months later, that number Brazil whatsApp number list may not take you to the number you thought it would take you to. So that’s a missed opportunity in the future. Limitations of Google Analytics Google Analytics provides SEO/PPC conversion numbers, but inaccurately tracks clicks as calls, and there is no context for incoming calls. 

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Not the most accurate when trying to track conversions on phone call button clicks. For example, if someone opens their mobile device and clicks a call button that clicks that initial click, that’s an unnecessary call. Google Analytics, while great in terms of being able to get that data, doesn’t provide the context for the calls themselves. So you can’t listen to the calls because Google Analytics doesn’t record that. Challenge 1: No idea how the calls are going Considerations: You may not know the answer to “are these leads any good?” Call duration helps, but can be misleading. 

Brazil whatsApp number list

SEO Are your SEO efforts generating high-quality leads? PPC Are you using proper match types? Without the proper context, you won’t know if specific keywords are helping you get appointments or sales. Many companies do not use advanced call tracking software when managing their campaigns; instead, they use the tools included in various platforms. Challenge 2: Lack of understanding of the relationship between keywords and calls Considerations One of these keywords has a higher intent: “Miami Dentist” vs. “Emergency Dentist.” Understanding how the calls are going can help with easy profits. SEO: What keywords are generating calls? PPP: How do callers differ from one keyword to another? When you use call tracking software to direct people to a landing page or blog post, you want to know what search queries led them there and how those calls went. 

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This will allow you to understand how much difference there is between the keywords so you can put the money where it counts. Challenge 3: No input process measurement Considerations If the campaign is generating good leads, why does the client want to scale down? Ask yourself: “Is the receptionist/salesperson helping the movement? SEO: Is the receptionist pressing for an appointment? PPP: How many calls are we answering, or are we leaving unanswered? It’s important to share these little details with companies because they show that you are a partner in what they do. Plus, they present an opportunity to convert more of these leads into customers. Ultimately, this helps in customer retention.

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