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Transforming the work environment into a place for mutual growth. 5. Show yourself open it is difficult to motivate a team working in a company where only the leader’s ideas are accepted. To create a healthy and collaborative climate within your business. You need to be open to new ideas and proposals. So that everyone feels encouraged to share their opinions and knowledge. It is important to remember that employees are fundamental parts for the work to be carried out and that they are the ones who deal daily with the challenges of their areas and functions. That is. No one better than these people to offer constructive suggestions.

Be open to what the people who work with you have to say and show that you value their opinion. You don’t have to agree on everything. But you should make room for this exchange to happen in a productive way. 6. Recognize good deeds you know when you’ve just started a new job and you’re full of ideas? You strive to do well in your roles. Suggest changes to improve the area in which you work. And use all your knowledge and experience to try to innovate and add value to the company. If your team leader doesn’t recognize what you do. Or appreciate your effort. It’s very likely that. In a short time. You’ll feel discouraged and start doing only what’s on the script.

It Is Also Important To

Right? Therefore. It is essential to know how to recognize when an employee brings innovative actions or ideas that work in the work environment. You can do this through token rewards. Such as mention on a company panel and prizes during an event. Or even offer a financial bonus. The important thing is that people know that your business values those who strive . Are creative and deliver good results. 7. Give feedback feedbacks are important tools within a business. As they serve to show people what they are doing right and what needs improvement. Good feedback is one that recognizes the employee’s strengths and shows. In a constructive and respectful way.

Their weaknesses. Which need to be strengthened to improve their performance. Establish a communication channel to be able to give this feedback to your team and try to maintain a certain frequency. So that information is not lost and you can really assess whether there has been a change between conversations. You should also take advantage of this space to suggest changes. Training and actions that can be implemented for the person to develop. Remember to do this individually. So that no one feels awkward in front of colleagues.

Recognize When To Ask for Help

8. Listen to people if you really want to find out how to motivate a team. Be willing to listen to people. Just as a leader or business owner needs to Estonia Phone Numbers give feedback. Your team should also have the freedom to share their criticisms and suggestions. By listening to them. You will know exactly what needs to be done to transform the work environment into a more peaceful and motivating place. Just because you’re in a leadership position doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve in any way. Right? All people working together must strive to constantly grow together. So. Be open to receive feedback as well.

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Learn not to take it personally and use what your team says to optimize your strategies and develop more and more. 9. Encourage personal projects people spend most of their time at work. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have other personal tasks and projects. So show that you value and respect what each of them does outside the company and show interest in these activities. An environment that allows employees to talk about other subjects is much healthier. After all. Everyone wants to share their experiences and have someone to talk to during the day. This helps to renew energy.

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