How an Idea Becomes a Project in 5 Easy Steps

You don’t have to launch a company to do things. The important thing is to have initiative in these times being aware that no one is going to solve a problem that you have. If you have a good idea, you simply have to do it with passion and using your head. Apart from having assembled Coguan, you may have noticed that lately I’ve been moving a bit with new projects. There are always synergies with my main activity and I also enjoy everything I am doing at the moment like a small child. The vast majority of people limit themselves because they see barriers where they don’t exist and they don’t use their imagination to see their ideas come true. To start new projects I usually follow about 5 very simple steps.

If You Have a Good Idea, You Just Have to Do It!

1 1. Speak up
2 2. Get an Excel
3 3. Find collaborators
4 4. Create the web to capture records
5 5. Promotion to the target audience
1. Speak up
Sometimes we need a little “push” to move. I had in Taiwan B2B List mind for some time to organize an event for bloggers out of work and actively looking to find it to do free training. Speak up via Twitter pitching my idea. I imagined that I was going to like it but not that in a matter of minutes I already had different offers for venues, including Madrid Emprende and Obviously at this point there was no turning back. External pressure helps me to do what I like.

2. Get an Excel
Obviously, in the previous case, this step was not necessary since it is not a project where I am looking for an economic return by earning money by selling tickets. For Webery Day one of the first things we did was pull out an Excel. You have to do a quick calculation of costs and income to see if what you have in mind or if you have to start from scratch with something new. What should appear in the Excel of your business plan for your online store

3. Find collaborators
Everything just costs a lot more. Look for a team and or collaborators who can help you to cover the different needs of the project. You can’t do it alone since you start looking for people who like the idea to enjoy together along the way.

How to Get Powerful Collaborations When Nobody Knows You

Taiwan Business Email List
Taiwan Business Email List

4. Create the web to capture records
Without having a website, it’s like you’re not doing it yet. You need a page where you can capture registrations for those people who are interested in your offer even without you even having it ready. You can play a lot with curiosity and the creation of expectations. Do not go overboard either because then you will not be able to comply if they are too high. Beginner’s Guide to Designing a Landing Page

5. Promotion to the target audience
The best product in the world dies without promotion. Viral marketing does not exist so it is time to get your batteries to get your message to your target audience. This part is important that you can cover with the help of established collaborations if you do not have a budget to invest in online marketing.

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