I want to emphasize here is that if there is a car accident commuting to and from get off work, labor insurance is considered an occupational accident

what I want to emphasize here is that if there is a car accident commuting to and from get off work, labor insurance is considered an occupational accident. This is the issue of whether the labor insurance bureau will pay or not, and it has nothing to do with the employer; and the labor base law does not necessarily count, this part is the relationship between employers and workers . Administrative courts are different from civil courts (1) Many friends may not be very clear about the difference. To put it simply and imprecisely, one of the two parties to the dispute is a government agency, that is, the administrative court. So, for example, if the Bureau of Labor Insurance does not settle the claim, it is a lawsuit between the Bureau of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Insurance; These are heard by the Administrative Court. (2) The two parties to the dispute, if there is no government agency, whether it is a natural person or a legal person, shall be tried by a civil court.


Whether it is an individual suing

An individual. Or a worker suing an employer, or an employer suing a worker. It is all within the scope of civil courts. Of course .If it is a criminal case. There is  another criminal court. Labor-bas law penalties differ from Nepal Phone Number labor disputes . If the employer violates the law. The competent administrative authority  impose fines.But the fines impos  go to the national treasury. Not individual workers. If the employer is not satisfi. He can file a petition first. Which is still within the scope of the administrative organ. If the petition is reject. A lawsuit can be  to the court Which is the scope of the administrative court. If the employer  paid the fine and the dispute . The laborer has not been resolv. The administrative authority only mediate. It is necessary to go to the civil court to resolve. The dispute. It’s troublesome, yes, but it might be even more dangerous if the executive can replace the judiciary as a judge. This article is reproduc  permission. From Cao Xinnan, and the original text is publish. Here Further readi Occupational Hazards. What are the protections for workers in the event .Of an occupational accident. Court-certified Tainan people are lucky.Why is the old man tak a detour to eat salty porridge. Aprivate act necessary for daily life. Does contracting the virus on the way to and from get .Off work count as an occupational disaster. Is it illegal for an employer to require proof of vaccinations.The story on the British side  push forward for a while.


It is not that the British government has not

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Considered the possibility of a war in the Falkland Islands. On 29 March, when the shadow of the war was gradually becoming known to the British government, Secretary of Defense John Nott advised Mrs Thatcher to immediately dispatch the HMS Spartan to the South Atlantic in secret, due to It is also necessary to arrive at Gibraltar for supplies first. It is expect to depart as soon as the 31st and arrive at Falkland Island on April 13th. The reinforcement plan for the second nuclear-power submarine is also be drawn up.And the candidate is expect.  When he went up to the periscope depth for communication at the fix. sen and receiv time. He receiv  an order to immediately return to. The Faslane naval base in Scotland to prepare for battle. In Gibraltar. The Spartan “looted” the resources of friendly ships, includ. The torpedoes of the diesel-electric submarine HMS Oracle (HMS Oracle. As well as equipment such as spare decryptors. The captain learned of the situation in. The South Atlantic at this time. Order to go to South Georgia as soon as possible. The Spartan set sail on April 1 and continued to advance at full speed at 28-29 knots thereafter. After a short stay of 18 hours, the Splendid also left the Fasland base the next day and rushed to the South Atlantic. On this day, Argentina occupied the Falkland Island. At this time, the British government was hesitating whether to deploy a third submarine. At this time, it was the peak of the Cold War.

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