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Such an impact report is accessible Spain Phone Number to anyone who wants to know more about the sustainable approach of your organization. What are the benefits of publishing an impact report? Why as a brand or organization should you publish a sustainability report? The advantages at a glance: You distinguish Spain Phone Number yourself as a brand. Organization within the your industry. As a brand or organization you inspire others by coming up with concrete examples It is part of your brand and therefore you improve the image of your company By being transparent in what you Spain Phone Number do you can gain the trust of consumers, customers and investors You attract new talent You can highlight beautiful parts from the impact report and use them as content.

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Three quarters of Dutch consumers Spain Phone Number consider it important that companies fulfill a social role by contributing to society, the environment and people’s well-being. And just over half of consumers (53%) pay attention Spain Phone Number to this social role or sustainability when purchasing products or services. This is how you prepare a strong impact report 1. Do your research After you have made an action plan, put together a team or hired an agency to develop the impact report. it is time to Spain Phone Number gather information and do research. What requirements must your impact report meet? What information should it contain? Make a checklist. Your research is an essential element of the impact report because your figures and information must be correct.

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Your brand can suffer brand damage Spain Phone Number if you share wet finger work and it turns out to be wrong afterwards. Transparency in your figures and communication is therefore very important. Because B Corp Spain Phone Number makes the impact report mandatory and asks organizations to make the report publicly available. You can find many examples and you also see a number of points Spain Phone Number  that are essential. Also read: Online annual report: 9 elements that make it really good 2. Kill your darlings After you have collected all the information and done your research. You want to make it manageable and accessible to the reader.

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