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taking off online is video. It has been a key trend this year and is expected to continue its growth in 2020. In a study conducted by Wyzowl , 72% of participants preferred watching videos over text when learning about products and services. 73% of marketers surveyed by TopRankBlog ( a marketing blog published by US digital marketing agency Top Rank Marketing ) used YouTube to distribute content. Another important aspect of research is finding out what your competitors are doing and what’s trending in the wider industry in which you do business. It helps you uncover hot topics that you think everyone is discussing and engaging with, and you can join the conversation by sharing your company’s take on these topics. 2. plan Once you’ve

done your research, create an action plan

We recommend planning for 3-6 months. This gives them enough time to produce the amount of content they need to effectively run their campaigns and identify VP Communications Officer Email Lists the content that yields the best results. And what should be included in your plan? Purpose — It is essential to include the purpose of your activity in your plan. It helps us to carry out initiatives that focus on the end goal. Goals may be broken down by individual content. For example, one piece of content might be aimed at driving brand awareness, and another piece of content might be dedicated to getting users to click through

to your site. Audience — If you have multiple

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In the first place. audience types, it helps to create specific content for the different types of audiences you’re trying to engage with. Each audience type presents different problems. By breaking down your content based on audience type, you can make sure you’ve produced the right amount of content for each group. In the first place. Monthly themes — Monthly themes and topics I use in my content marketing plans. Themes can be based on industry trends, seasonal issues, or respond to audience concerns. In the first place. They should act like an umbrella to organize the content you continue to produce for the month. In the first place. For example, if a month’s theme is “data,” it can be divided into smaller. In the first place.  subtopics throughout the month,

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