How to Write and Publish a Post in Less Than 1 Hour

It is even possible to write a post in less than 20 minutes . If you are interested in dealing with a topic in more detail and “calm” it is difficult to complete the task in that period of time. It is also only applicable for very short posts. Since I started my daily post challenge in 2012, I have been shortening the time to create and publish a post with an average of 600-800 words.

Since my blog is not my main occupation, I have self-imposed a time limit so as not to spend more than 60 minutes until the entries are published at 00:01. I don’t get it every day because it depends a lot on how stressful the day was, how inspired you feel or how many times you allow yourself to be distracted by other things. On 60-70% of the days I succeed because I follow the guidelines below.

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1 Post frequently
2 Save yourself the keyword analysis
3 Avoid editorial calendars
4 Use dead time to find ideas
5 Save time searching for a photo
6 Start with the basic structure of the post
7 Write without respecting the logical order of the input
Post frequently
Do not think that after reading this post you will be able to write an entry for your blog in less than 60 minutes if it took you 2 or 3 hours before. It takes practice and posting frequently for a couple of weeks. Like everything in life you have to work it out a little.

Skip the Keyword Analysis

Many bloggers do a keyword analysis prior to publication to Morocco B2B List ensure that the post can position well in Google in the medium and long term. The idea behind is not entirely wrong but it takes a lot of time. To eliminate this task, it is enough to make use of magic words and expressions for SEO that fit the vast majority of topics. This saves you from having to do this pre-task every time you want to write an article.

Avoid editorial calendars
From my own experience, it is poison for creativity to have to follow a previous planning of themes every week. I write what comes to mind at the moment. Motivation is key to fluid writing, so an editorial calendar can force you to deal with topics on days when you really want to deal with other things.

Use dead times to find ideas
I try to avoid sitting down to write a post without having already decided on a specific topic. E.g. when you drive you can start looking for the idea for the article. When you have found it, start developing the title and the main ideas. With these previous tasks done, you already have 20% of the work done.

Save time searching for a photo
It still amazes me how many bloggers take 30 minutes or even longer to find a photo. Brice Février from recently wrote an entry giving tips to perform the image search task in less than 3 minutes .

Start With the Basic Structure of the Post

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Morocco Business Email List

Before putting a roof you need a structure. Start with the title and then add 2 or 3 subtitles. From there you can even continue detailing the paragraphs with keywords. You don’t worry about writing whole sentences at first. To go faster you have to be clear about what the logical order of the article should be.

Write without respecting the logical order of the input
Although it is essential for the structure of the post, you do not have to develop a post starting with the introduction and moving from there. If you want you can start at the end. The idea is to gain fluency and for the sentences to come out easily and spontaneously.

Being able to finish an entry in less than 1 hour depends above all on your ability to stay focused on a task without letting yourself get distracted. Your time is worth gold so start to discipline yourself because apart from the blog there are other things that deserve your dedication and attention. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s totally possible if you stick with it.

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