How to Take the First Steps if You Want to Set Up an Online Store

Starting a post is always the hardest. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the first few words of an entry. When I have already written 2 or 3 sentences I start to advance faster.

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What is true for writing an article is usually Japan B2B List true for anything we start from scratch. Setting up an online store is not easy. You don’t have to be a genius or an online marketing guru to do it. The complicated thing is not to do it but to get on with it, take the first steps and not stop.

1. Read blogs from people in the sector : Juan Macias and Javier Echaleku ( speakers at Webery Day ) are 2 prominent e-commerce bloggers and professionals who can answer many of the questions you may have at first. Reading is the first step to learning although it can never replace the experience itself.

2. Be aware of your limitations : It is obvious that you do not know everything about electronic commerce. The vast majority of entrepreneurs are often overly optimistic and base their sales estimates on the number of Chinese in the world rather than the resources they have.

3. Make an Excel With Income and Costs :

Japan B2B List
Japan B2B List

Many people who launch an online store have never done the exercise of calculating an estimate of income and costs for their project . Many stores would still not have been born if more entrepreneurs had done an Excel to find out if all the effort is worth it.

4. The Opening Announcement Page – It makes sense to build expectations and launch a store in several phases . Time is worth gold, so take advantage of every second until your project is 100% operational. With the contacts you generate on the landing page, you can now carry out your first e-mail marketing campaign the day you start the activity.

5. Participate in training : practical workshops such as Webery Day (April 13, 2013 in Madrid) are one of several options to receive in a compressed way the most important knowledge to move forward with your store. Investing 100-200 euros in this type of training can help you avoid mistakes that are more expensive.

Once you’re moving, it’s a matter of not stopping to move forward, even if it’s slower than expected at first. The hardest thing is to take the first step.

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