How to Stand Out in Google Search Results and Receive More Clicks Without Ranking Higher

According to studies , the first position in Google receives 53% of the clicks . Being in the fifth position for the same keyword can already mean 10 times fewer visits, given that only 4% of users arrive here.

Those who have made some efforts know how difficult it is to reach the top 10 positions in Google. Getting here can take months or years. Climbing the ranks and then reaching the top can easily take just as long. To avoid having to wait forever for improvements, you have to find ways to stand out in search results in an intelligent way.

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1 A title that catches the eye
2 Google+ author photo
3 Highlight with stars and votes
4 Arrow effect in text ads

A Headline That Catches Your Eye

You already know that titles are one of Uganda B2B List my favorite topics. I never get tired of saying it because of the importance they have. You can position yourself well in Google, but if what appears as a hook is not attractive, your chances go down and you do not receive the visits you deserve, even if you are in the first positions.

The anatomy of the perfect title

Google+ author photo
I am not a friend of Google+ so it costs me a little effort to write this paragraph. What cannot be doubted is having the author’s photo next to the search result makes you stand out, especially if the rest do not have it. According to bloggers, it can increase Google traffic by up to 30%, although this effect will disappear when all bloggers are using the same “trick”. Google+ author photo in search results

How to get the author photo in Google results

Highlight with stars and votes . This option was inspired by Alex Navarro in the last “Course for bloggers” in Alicante. The idea is to make the search result stand out with the help of stars and votes. Alex proposed a way to do it “Blackhat” style. By simply using the plugin below for WordPress you appear as shown in the image below in Google but in this case in the “Whitehat” style. Stars and votes in Google results. Plug-in “Rate” to implement the stars in your posts.

Arrow Effect in Text Ads

Uganda B2B List
Uganda B2B List

The fastest way to appear on the first page of Google is by running a Google Adwords campaign. One of the most important things at the beginning is to increase the click rate in order to lower the cost per click (CPC). According to the blogger Shoemoney who tried this trick, you can increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) by 25-30%. The arrow effect in Google Adwords text ads. A curious trick to increase the CTR of your text ads in Adwords

As long as you don’t neglect the content creation part, you can invest some time to see how they work for you. Of the points presented, I only apply one and I plan to try another soon.

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