How to Set Up an Internet Project From Scratch – Preliminary Steps Before Going Online

The difficult thing is to start and not stop. The first steps are the most complicated because it’s easy to get lost in the number of tasks you have to tackle to get started. Even before having your project online, there are certain mandatory tasks that prevent you from making changes in the future. All the improvements and adaptations that you can make in this preliminary phase will be much easier for you than if you had to execute them with the online site.

The Right Niche, a Scalable Business Model and a Viable Project

The perfect idea does not exist. You won’t know Cuba B2B List if your idea can work until you’ve tried it. Despite this, you have to carry out some preliminary tasks to know if you already have a dead project on your hands before launching.

1. Identify a niche for an online business : Calculating that only by selling to 0.0x% of the Chinese you will become a billionaire is a bit like the story of the milkmaid. You have to be based on your available resources and not on the total size of the market.

Is your market small enough?

2. Develop a business model – You need a scalable business model. To explain it in the most summarized way, your income should not depend linearly on your costs. You have to implement processes so that the growth of your income does not depend on the number of people hired or other types of fixed costs.

The Five Keys to Designing a Scalable Business Model

Cuba B2B List
Cuba B2B List

I recently gave this talk at the University of Alicante on business models. You can find more related videos on the Quondos YouTube channel .

3. Do a feasibility calculation – It all starts with a spreadsheet. If you are not yet a friend of Excel and friends you have to start getting used to it. The spreadsheet is your ally. We all know how to fool ourselves. In some cases you will see that even being optimistic the figures do not come out and that the project is still not worth it.

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