How to Sell and Launch an E-book Before Writing It

An e-book can be a relevant source of income for a blog. Australian blogger Darren Rowse generates about a third of his income from e-books on his problogger blog. You should currently be earning about $30,000 a month this way now. Obviously this is an exaggerated figure for the Spanish market but you have to give things time. Everything will come…

What You Have to Take Into Account

It was thanks to different collaborations that Thailand B2B List I have discovered different ways to launch and promote an e-book without spending a single euro. Some of these channels have yet to show that they are really effective for any topic. In the end it is like with everything in life. If your content is really worth it, it will find ways to reach readers.

You have to build trust : you cannot ask without having given a lot without cost for a long time. Without trust you can have the best e-book of the book but it will be difficult to sell quickly without investing in advertising.
Affordable price : an e-book cannot cost a lot of money. In no case should the psychological figure of 9 be exceeded (and it is already a high price for an e-book) since 10 euros in comparison is already unconsciously perceived as expensive.
Advantage for those who buy early : the advantage of selling before writing the e-book saves you work in the event that there is no demand. For the first to decide, there must be a benefit in the form of a significant discount on the final sale price of the e-book.
Promotion Platform – You need platforms that help you reach more people. If you are not Seth Godin it will not be enough to announce it only through your blog or Twitter. You have to massively reach your potential readers.

4 Platforms to Promote an E-book Without Spending a Penny on Advertising

Trinidad and tobago B2B List
Trinidad and tobago B2B List

It is worth taking a closer look at the existing platforms to spread your e-book. Make no mistake. I am a novice with this subject but seeing that I have been involved with this topic I have discovered some interesting options in Spain that you may not know:

1. Libros to crowdsource books : The guys at libro called me a couple of months ago to crowdsource a book. At the moment my first book “Blog-up” is at about 30 out of 150 supports. Let’s see if they have not been too optimistic with the time set to achieve the challenge. The advantage is that they also act as editors in the process and actively promote the project.

2. Launch us to launch projects in crowdsourcing mode : Another project I am involved in is the third book of Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs Launcher . I received an email from them today where they told me that they were now starting fundraising. I found out about Lanzanos, which I support just as much as  in crowdsourcing mode, but for all kinds of projects.

3. Your own blog : Víctor Martín is not Seth Godin but he has found a clever way to launch his book “The Rocket Blogger Method” with the help of his own blog. It’s a trick to put yourself under pressure and really get it out. In your case, you would already have 633 people pissed off if you don’t release the e-book as promised. For a while he was promoting it with a self-promotional banner on his WordPress blog .

4. Amazon Marketplace – A couple of months ago I was on a David Cantone podcast. He had already met him through a post where he explains the personal story of him launching an Amazon bestseller in English. It is an option that, as he says, in Spain still has a more limited potential. But over time it will surely be as popular as in the United States.

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