How to Sell 70 Tickets to a Paid Event in 5 Minutes

Lately I’m not stopping. It seems that my days have 30 hours because I get from where there is none. I want to take advantage of the time I have left before our second is born to be a little calmer from mid-April.

How I Lived the First 25 Minutes of Webery Day

Today was the opening of Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List the Webery Day sale . I almost had a heart attack. I have only been able to follow him from a distance since he had already planned a “Course for bloggers” in Valencia for some time. This time I have had the pleasure of having Javier Echaleku from Kuombo as a speaker. I have taken advantage of his intervention to follow the events from a distance and through my mobile. This is how I lived the first 25 minutes.

10:58:00 final preparations – getting everything ready to include the payment widget that Codeeta has created for us special for our special way of selling tickets.

10:59:00 Murphy’s Law : what’s the worst that can happen now? So is. The website crashes because hundreds of people are trying to access it at the same time, continually refreshing the page.

11:00:00 panic : the web is obviously down. I start to receive Whatsapps everywhere. My timeline on Twitter is filled with tweets like “hey Carlos, the Webery Day website is down”. Yes I already know that.

11:05:00 emergency plan : it’s time to get the emergency plan out. “Shit, we don’t have any.” What the… do we do now? My hands start to sweat…

11:05:30 Developing the Ad Hoc Emergency Plan

Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Email List
Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List

I make several calls. He sent an email to the support of our Hosting provider (which he had notified days before to put us a couple of machines so that this did not happen). I mark it urgently. I try not to use capital letters…

11:08:00 back to the room : I’m still in Valencia in the “Course for bloggers”. I go back to the living room and sit in my chair. Echaleku keeps talking. I can not do anything else. Everything will be fine. knocking on wood…

11:10:00 I receive a call : my wife calls me. “They’re trying to call you. They propose if we move the servers to another website where we have Amazon servers.” I tell him to wait, I have to call Amel.

11:11:00 – call Amel : I call my partner at Webery Day Amel Fernandez. “It is a success, the servers have gone down. cool!” “Well, that’s another way of looking at it,” I reply. I propose to postpone the opening to another time. We decided in the end not to do it.

11:12:00 – back to room 2 : waiting for the website to be online again. “How long will Echaleku still be talking? People seem fine. Okay.” Already sweating less.

11:20:41 – the first sales : I look at the mobile and the first sale comes in at 11:20:41. At €1 perfect. The second and third follow. Both at €1 too. Panic returns. The Codeeta form does not work well!

11:22:00 – for everything! : I catch my wife on the phone. “Tell them to stop everything, the Codeeta doesn’t work!” I look at my mobile again. 35 more sales have come in. I open the last one, the price has already gone up. I close and go back in. 3 more entries are loaded. He seems to have recovered.

11:24:00 – put it back in! : I call my wife again. She seems to be the only one who picks up the phone. Communicating. I hang up. I call again and get it. “Put it back in, all ok now.” I hope it’s true.


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