How to Say “No”

Nobody likes to be the bad guy in the movie. We like to get along with everyone. Things get complicated when someone makes us a proposal that doesn’t fit us. Being born in German lands with a very direct German culture has forced me to adapt to how things are treated in Spain. At first you had the feeling that everyone wanted to do things with you. Over time I began to differentiate what is the typical “yes but no” from the “yes” which is actually a “maybe”. From my point of view you have to learn to say “no”.

Why Is It Important to Say “no”

If you have a modicum Chile WhatsApp Number of empathy, rejecting someone with a “no” makes you feel bad. Over time you will see that it is the best solution for everyone. This especially includes the person who receives the negative response from you.

You avoid wasting someone’s time who would otherwise be chasing you.
If you are a start-up , saying “no” to a client saves you from losing money .
He is honest. You can’t like everyone and vice versa.
Learn to say “no” step by step

For a person who deeply believes that (almost) everything is possible, it is not so easy to say “no” to someone. I have not perfected it but over time I am improving because it seems to me the best solution when things do not fit on both sides.

1. Say It Fast : Don’t Delay.

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It’s like removing a Band-Aid. If you do them slowly because you are afraid that it will cause pain, you will have it for sure. The favor of being quick in your response is not only done to you but above all to the person who receives it.

2. Don’t make promises : Many people tend to “soften” a no with answers such as “but in the future we might see…”. A “no” is a “no” period. Don’t make promises about future events that you probably won’t be able to keep.

3. Explain the reasons : it makes sense to explain why you reject a proposal. Do not try to hide anything and show that it does not benefit you to accept the offer. Being honest is important, but be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or pride.

4. Recommend alternatives : if you want to look like a king, you can recommend alternative solutions or people where the proposal could fit better. In this way you show interest in the person despite having given a “no” for an answer.

As in most of the suggestions in this blog, the steps to follow are common sense. From my experience, fear and insecurity sometimes do not allow us to simplify our lives by doing what we intuit could be the right path.

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