How to reward your readers who help you promote your blog

Forget contests and rankings. One of the best rewards you can receive as a blogger is the participation of readers in your work. No day has so many hours so that you can promote yourself with such force obtaining a similar result as the one that your loyal followers get you without asking for anything in return. Thank the readersFotolia photo rights Why a community around your blog is so powerful My main motivation to continue writing is knowing that there are people out there who benefit from the content that I share daily on this blog. Over time, a community has been created that even helps each other and generates links beyond this blog.

Why a community around your blog is so powerful

These people perceive that what you do is of such value to them that they find ways to return the favor you are doing them with your work. Belarus WhatsApp Number List You receive links without asking for them – Not all of your readers have a blog. Many of those who have their own blog use it to refer to your articles. Maybe you will not get hundreds or thousands of visits but for search engines every link counts . Others also do it from forums where they participate or by leaving links to your posts in the comments field of other bloggers. Dissemination on social networks : sharing a post that you liked on Twitter or Facebook is the easiest thing in the world.

Many bloggers make this free promotion difficult for their readers because they don’t put the buttons in the right position or they don’t have them properly configured, making the dissemination task difficult. Offline promotion : since it is a channel that you cannot measure directly, it is difficult to know how many people reach your blog through word of mouth. Since I move a lot in events I am lucky to receive a lot of direct feedback from some readers. That is when I take the opportunity to ask if they came to know my blog. Many times they are coworkers, friends or professors of masters and courses that have been the starting point to start reading me.

Thanking your readers is easy

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Belarus WhatsApp Number List

Thanking your readers is easy Having a community around this blog is one of the most effective ways to keep growing. The only thing I have to focus on is creating quality content. I would like to thank each of my readers who leaves a mark on this blog. In this case, instead of dedicating 1 hour to it, it would be more like 3-6, so for now I focus on the most active and faithful among them. 1. Comment on their blogs : if they leave a mark on your blog, you can do the same.

It is amazing to see the joy that you can bring to a reader if you comment on their blog. On average I do it once a week. 2. Put a link to them : if you already have a blog with some visits, one of your followers may be in for a good surprise when from one day to the next he receives 4 or 5 times more traffic than normal because you have mentioned him in one of your posts.

Send them an email or contact form

You can imagine the joy that you generate with it. 3. Tweet an article : It’s not complicated. One of my fastest and most frequent ways to thank a mention of a post of mine is to tweet it immediately (as long as it contributes something good, of course). It is what takes me very little time but can have a positive impact for the blogger. 4. Send them an email or contact form : this is another way to establish a more direct link with a reader.

When I can’t find another way to say thank you and I have the feeling that my “debts” are already too high due to all the diffusion received, I fill out a contact form to say thank you. Lately it seems that I’m not very present on my blog (daily posts apart). I am in the middle of my move from Alicante to Madrid. Which makes it a bit difficult to be 100% attentive to everything. I want to thank you for always stopping by here (regardless of whether you comment or not). You are the one who gives me the strength and energy to continue writing daily.

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