How to Organize and Give an Impactful Presentation on Twitter

I’m sure that at least one of the mentioned points wins me Contents [ hide ] 1 How to organize a presentation if no one invites you 2 The worst presentation of my life 3 Achieve a positive impact with a presentation on social networks How to organize (yourself) a presentation if nobody invites you It is much easier than it seems. If you really want to launch yourself and give your first presentation in front of an unknown audience, you can do it. There are even some cases of well-known people in this world who have applied one of the following “tricks”.

How to Organize (Yourself) a Presentation if Nobody Invites You

Set up your own event : it is just what Isra García did with “Adictos Social Media” . She realized that nobody invited her to any event to give a presentation. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Solution: together with a couple of friends she set up “Aristos Social Media” and from then on she even received invitations to speak as a speaker at third-party events. Collaborate with municipalities : what Isra did is not easy, especially if you don’t have friends who are as crazy as you and you can’t find a free room. A possible solution is municipalities or non-profit organizations. As long as your presentation is free of charge, there are usually many facilities for them to give you a room at no cost. Start online : the first step to be a speaker can also be from home in front of your laptop. With Google+ you can organize Hangouts at no cost.

The Worst Presentation of My Life

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List
Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

There are payment platforms (eg Go To Webinar is the one I use) to organize webinars with more participants that always allow you a free 30-day period where you can try without risk. The worst presentation of my life . Cambodia WhatsApp Number List .There was one exception in my not so long career as a speaker. There are nights where I wake up sweating after having a nightmare about that day 4 years ago when I gave the worst speech in my entire life (warning: this sentence reflects the German humor I mentioned in the first paragraph). Imagine talking about banners at an event focused on social networks after a presentation by one of its stars.

Achieve a Positive Impact With a Presentation on Social Networks

They put me on Twitter (rightly so) and also when I sat at the table with the rest of the speakers, Carlos Blanco (one of my investors in Coguan) told me something like it was one of the most boring presentations he had ever heard. lately. After knowing for myself that I had done it wrong, that didn’t make me feel bad but the next thing. 30 seconds later. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List. I pulled out my phone to see what they had said on Twitter… Achieve a positive impact with a presentation on social networks Luckily. I am ignorant , so I erase negative experiences over time to the point that they no longer affect me emotionally.

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